Zombie Survival Guide: 22 of 137-Edged Weapons

Disclamer: this is a non fiction book. I have uploaded this so that you guys can listen so something interesting i will TRY to answer any questions about the book, about zombies or anything like that. it would be better to send messages rather that commants because i will answer messages for sure. i will keep stupid and insulting comments on the video for your entertainment. enjoy!

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25 Responses to “Zombie Survival Guide: 22 of 137-Edged Weapons”

  1. jaridb86 says:

    @ROCK3Rspaz Good choice! No blade to keep rust free, due to it being laser lol, and it can cut through anything. lol Good choice.

  2. Barragemike says:

    @MrHistorian101 How so?

  3. MrPopgoestheweasl says:

    @blazexp lol I actualy have one of those.

  4. Blazexp says:

    spartan sword with double barrel most recommended

  5. MrHistorian101 says:

    This man knows almost nothing of history.

  6. MrHistorian101 says:

    @smokingnate1234 Check out the Kilij from deadliest warrior must see or a grosse messer from cold steel.

  7. MrHistorian101 says:

    If a zombie’s nerve endings don’t work than how is the brain passing information to the muscles to make them move. Also if the cells of the muscles are not replicating how does a zombie maintain locomotion or even keep its muscles from disintegrating into a clump of torn sinewy fibers after a month.

  8. smokingnate1234 says:

    I think there is too much hype on the katana, why not use a cutlass, which can cut, slash, stab and still has enough weight to bludgen like a broad sword. It also give you the ability to use another weapon or firearms in combination with it. And the best reason of all is Captain Jack Sparrow uses one. :) :) :)

  9. alexgorman13 says:

    If you are going to kill the zombie, cut right were the bridge of the nose connects with the forehead. It is a hard target to hit but it will destroy the brain.

  10. mrmagic620550 says:

    while a crowbar is the best blunt-force weapon in the zombie apocalypse, as well as the most versatile, the optimum large melee weapon against zombies would be one of the next 5: machete, crowbar, fireman’s axe, Ninjato, or Shaolin Spade.

  11. Kotyska37 says:

    This dude is talking abt zombie surival guide!!!! OMG i bttr download it to my phone and listen to it every where i go when the city is infected =P

  12. cookieprotector says:

    id always go with a hatchet ALWAYS!!!!

  13. cookieprotector says:

    id always go with a hatchet ALWAYS!!!!

  14. DiceWarwick says:

    European swords and also be used as a short rang blunting weapon, as the pol-more and hilt tend to be more exaggerated then Asian weapons, and thus can easily do damage.

    short swords are best for backup, but if I can’t get a kill hit with it, I would just stab the head and use it to help hold the zombie back.

    best would be a long reach blade, and a short blunt, or axe.

  15. 255Knights says:

    In fact Long swords are great in close combat or rooms. It is called Half-swording. You can see some videos that I have, one are two man in armor using it. Also a long sword will not throw you off-balance… Well, I will use it because I am training in it. : )

  16. Hjernespreng says:

    The thing with the long swords is that it isn’t good in close combat and it will easily throw you off-balance.
    And proper use takes TRAINING.

  17. KMxHearts says:

    I saw a machete at Canadian Tire once. I know it’s stupid but I kinda want to buy it now O.o

  18. masman19 says:


  19. MCA3M0C says:


    WOOT! :D

  20. ROCK3Rspaz says:

    i call the lightsaber

  21. SluggoNick says:

    gladius would work best but its almost impossible to find

  22. Voidere08 says:

    Go machete!

  23. 255Knights says:

    There are plenty of Roman swords that are battle ready. Like Roman Maintz Gladius from Deepeeka for about $288.oo to $177.oo (depending were you by it) it is Overall Length: 28 ½ inches long Weight: 2 lb 5 oz!

  24. 255Knights says:

    European swords are more versatile

    It also has t wo parallel edge!

    You can use the Cross guards to; block, lock, pull, or blunt attack True made European swords are just as light as a katana or any other sword! They also cut just as well as the Katana

    You can also use a long sword in close combalt…

  25. halo3pwner5 says:

    going medeivl on zombie asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD love this

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