Zergling Surround and Defensive Tactics – StarCraft 2 Strategy

Here are some good tips for dealing with Protoss as a Zerg player. The general premise of getting a surround and moving in quickly with your Zerglings from multiple sides works effectively against all races though. Zerglings are extremely fast, high damaging and great harassment units but without a surround they are easily dominated. Timing and positioning is critical for victory with them so use them wisely.

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22 Responses to “Zergling Surround and Defensive Tactics – StarCraft 2 Strategy”

  1. Liane Polsky says:

    Buongiorno tweepsters! Was planning to go kite surfing but its not that windy. Bleh.

  2. TheUENtv says:

    @hicarbut you are completely right hicarbut! Thanks for the comment.

    The only problem with Roaches is if you don’t have a choke to block the Zerglings can run past them, BUT holding a choke with Roaches (particularly in hold position) is particularly effective to stop Zerglings.

  3. hicarbut says:

    when i had zerg vs zerg i was able to hold of alot of lings by building about 14 roaches on the top of a ramp and sum lings on the bottom and i was able to keep them from ataking it was like 300

  4. TheUENtv says:

    @Unscandalforever This is possibly true. The difficulty is if the Protoss player sticks against the wall he greatly limits his own army in terms of attacking and at some point likely has to move from the wall. Also, the longer it takes the opponent to attack the Zerg player, the more mischief a Zerg player may be able to cause. It’s always a give and take and I think this tactic is valid at all times but you just must pick your battles.

  5. Unscandalforever says:

    @TheUENtv he’s saying white-ra would have won if he put himself against the wall.

  6. TalikXX says:

    Good job on the video.

  7. DeathNote123321 says:

    too bad white had an observer at 0:57. It was his mistake getting surounded

  8. Unrunning says:

    @jedioncrk lol you don’t have to be pro to use your units right
    Just don’t put them all in one control group like a noob

  9. DrQtonGaming says:

    @jedioncrk its all positioning sure you can use 1 control groupm with any army but really as people get better at the game you’ll see more and more people using better tactics

  10. jedioncrk says:

    that’s cool and all, but it seems the zerg player has to micro more by controlling two armies, whereas terran and toss only have to control one. I’m sure it’s not problem for pro-players, but regular (<100 APM) players have a hard time timing the attacks.

  11. LordKombox says:

    @banido I know : P I’ve just never seen anyone block my 4gate with just zerglings before, im a protoss xD

  12. r9duc says:


  13. banido says:

    @LordKombox it’s easy to defend against a 4gate rush. If you’re a zerg just do proper surrounds and micro the queen, if you’re terran just block the ramp as usual (bunkers and repair nuff said), if you’re a Protoss here’s what I always do in PvP, gate+cybernetics in the ramp (leave a small opening) and it’s great against zealot rush (and also against ling rush, but against terran it’s bad so I don’t do it).

  14. TheUENtv says:

    which further demonstrates that zergling surround works very well even on one of the best protoss players.

  15. Kamikaze933 says:

    Dude the examples u gave are worthless if whitera had stuck with wall in both examples that would be a certain win

  16. dennywashere says:

    for ZvP tactics dont just use videos of whitera and machine for all of it plz

  17. LakeripplePK says:

    @LordKombox It would be very possible with just lings, with good enough micro, it can be done, especially if its a more stalker favored army (as they usually are.)

  18. Lysenis says:

    Great tips. I love when WhiteRa and Machine go at it.

  19. laneguzel says:

    @DontFearGrim To defend against 4-gate, use lings + 3-4 spine crawlers and also a few hydras if you can. Usually hydra production starts right around that push.

  20. LordKombox says:

    @DontFearGrim HDstarcraft made a video about defending a 4gate rush, and no it owuldnt be possibel wtih only lings

  21. DontFearGrim says:

    these are all mid-game pushes, could you make a video on defending a 4-gate rush with only lings? or is it even possible?

  22. darklordjac says:


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