WV State Police Academy Basic 139th

Graduation of WV State Police Academy 10-16-2009

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12 Responses to “WV State Police Academy Basic 139th”

  1. tootied24740 says:

    My son so got the point of “TRAINING STARTS MONDAY”…nice! Thanks for all you did to make him the man he is today!

  2. killerajax2121 says:

    @wvufan1001 everybody knows Coop…tell him Hampshire co. says hello!

  3. wvufan1001 says:

    @killerajax2121 my uncle was chris cooper u know him?

  4. statepd07 says:

    This is a proud moment where all the various departments get to come together and share the brotherhood. WV still has one of the top notch academy’s in the nation. “TRAINING STARTS MONDAY” — Love you Mr. Petry

  5. JackFlemingFan says:

    I thank all troopers from every state in the union for the work they do!  I know they don’t hear this enough, but thank you all!

  6. TheRobert2254 says:

    they’ll get that while on the job

  7. DevilT0WGunner says:

    Yea, that’s why it’s called a “Graduation Ceremony” not a review of some sort.

  8. tootied24740 says:

    I can guess that you haven’t spent 16 weeks in training or understand the importance of this accomplishment. The “people of WV” are very proud of the fact that we have one of the top police academies in the US. These guys are more than capable of traffic checks, building searches, and keeping our communities safe. Some times the old saying seems to be the best, if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything. Merry Christmas (does that offend you?).

  9. getrealthen says:

    OK, WV SP,

    Time to go to higher levels in training.
    Fine to see the marching and everything, but they need to do a building search performance, use your top guys. Might also want to do a criminal traffic stop for the graduation. People of WV would really like this.

    People know they can march, people want to see them perform. It can be done.

  10. emtradar says:

    this was an awsome video I liked the part were the dude proposed to his g/f at the time…….and I thank one of our cops may have been in this graduation from Monroe County Sheriffs dept

  11. tootied24740 says:

    This was posted by a parent of one of your fellow classmates/officers; very proud of you all!

  12. killerajax2121 says:

    I dont know who posted this, but I was in the 139th and I greatly appreciate this.

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