Women’s Self Defense

In this video I show you how to avoid muggers and how to get yourself out of trouble if you are attacked. These are simple steps anybody can do. I teach you weak points on the human body as well as everyday items you may have in your purse to help you protect yourself. ALWAYS TRY TO AVOID CONTACT WITH AN ATTACKER! ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! AVOID WEARING HIGH HEELS, THEY ARE LOUD AND ATTRACT A LOT OF ATTENTION! CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS BEFORE USING PEPPER SPRAY! EVEN IF YOU ARE BEING ATTACKED YOU CAN BE CHARGED WITH ASSULT IF YOU USE PEPPER SPRAY ON YOUR ATTACKER!

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6 Responses to “Women’s Self Defense”

  1. Sufjan says:

    Most intelligent women sohlud learn a basic self defense strategy.Avoid potentially aggresive people who may harm you: whether male or female.Don’t attempt to be friends with a violent or emotionally unstable person.And never into an argument with someone physically larger than yourself.If someone who is larger than yourself uses entrapment or verbal commands to force you to do something, against your wishes, ignore them or leave a difficult relationship as soon as possible.

  2. theblacktigon says:

    @MrNinjaMittens : Pepper spray is still the better choice. Don’t you think? In MOST states, it’s legal. I don’t think hair spray is as strong as the pepper spray. I could be wrong :O.

  3. MrNinjaMittens says:

    @1nikg Thank you!

  4. 1nikg says:

    i like both of you. sensible couple.

  5. mantovannni says:

    @MrNinjaMittens well, sprayed in the eyes nose and mouth area will act as a sort of pepper spray, it wouldnt be nice in the eyes i’d imagine. combined with a lighter, a can of aerosol spray (pretty much all of them) becomes a makeshift flame thrower, they give off awesome heat and are good for burning general flammable materials ;)

  6. mantovannni says:

    i’m always telling my girlfriend to do this kind of thing if she is out alone, make sure to have deoderant and keys on hand in case of an attack. thanks for making this video it could save somebody’s life some day.

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