Women’s Self Defense Course – September 2010

Progressive Martial Arts Academy in Oak Ridge, TN held the next edition of their trademarked Escape To Gain Safety Now course for women on Friday September 17 and Saturday September 18. The Escape to Gain Safety course is designed for women of all ages. A highly effective course, Escape to Gain Safety provides basic instruction to those who desire to learn self-defense awareness. Not only does this course offer an exciting curriculum, but it also delivers one of the most comprehensive personal self-defense seminars available in the greater Tennessee region. Topics covered during this 2 Day Escape to Gain Safety Course include: •mental preparedness, •danger avoidance, •predator and prey mindset, •the psychology of a street fight, •and much more! Escape to Gain Safety will teach women vertical defense concepts to keep them on their feet, and quickly retreat back to safety. This course will also cover self defense techniques to create distance if an attacker has closed the distance and the “basic tools” were not effective for keeping space. Keep yourself safe with Escape to Gain Safety’s proven training methods. This edition of Escape To Gain Safety is a 6 Hour Extensive Training Workshop over 2 Days in which we will cover a large amount of material over a small period of time. Be ready to train hard and get a sweat going! We will cover much of the material presented in PMA’s Escape To Gain Safety 2-Hour and 4-Hour Workshops with an extra 2 hours on escaping from a violent

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