WJ Interview with Fmr. Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL)

Fmr. Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), 1987-2005, joined the Washington Journal to discuss the reports on the CIA interrogation methods.
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5 Responses to “WJ Interview with Fmr. Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL)”

  1. Dewdaahman says:

    @1:27 “there was no meeting held..” hmmm, ya mean someone lied to a member of Congress..? who lied, what date and at what time..? noone is held responsible..? we, my friends, live in a lawless land and the only thing keepin’ this boat afloat is our patience and good manners..

    “..shall be drawn to the gallows, not walking or carried..”

  2. mastior says:

    This fuck is a TRI LATERAL MEMBER,,, RothsChild Puppet. Conquering USA.

  3. averylbrooks says:

    If the CIA says anything bad about anyone they must be lying. The religion of politics is as bad as the religion of Abraham.

    Don’t be deluded or dogmatic about politics, none of them are trust worthy.

  4. 3star2nr says:

    hell yeah the CIA is lying they do this for a living

  5. SkyDaddy7 says:

    The CIA is not exactly a trust worthy body…Whether they lie on purpose or simply get things wrong either way trusting what they say has hurt America before…The Republicans were quick to criticize the CIA when their asses were on the line and now when their asses are on the line in reverse they now say the CIA is a trustworthy body…This is more about diverting attention from a party in chaos than the truth.

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