WildBillforAmerica exposed! (Uh, again)

WildBillforAmerica’s ‘about me’ page: wildbillforamerica.com Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: www.fletc.gov International Law Enforcement Academies: www.fletc.gov Charleston Training Programs (where I found the maritime law enforcement academy): www.fletc.gov Coughlan’s WildBill video: www.youtube.com FederalistFilms’s WildBill video: www.youtube.com Theskepticalheretic’s WildBill video: www.youtube.com

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    22 Responses to “WildBillforAmerica exposed! (Uh, again)”

    1. Chris Sabian says:

      If he were law enforcement, he would have to take an oath to protect the USA, and its citizens.  It wouldn't matter which side of politics you stand on.  Why wouldn't Wild Bill claim his 'opinions' from HIS perspective?  Where is his credibility- if he comes from The Feds?  So, it leads you to believe… 1) he was fired (and is bitter), 2) or was NEVER in law enforcement (and is creating a lot of hype for his financial gain), 3) or is a republican that hides behind law enforcement agencies THAT NEVER CHOSE SIDES EXCEPT THE ONE THAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE LEGAL!  Wild Bill is as sharp as jello.
      I suddently feel sad for Wild Bill- because he made himself a target for hatred… and now it's gone!

    2. Larry says:

      So let me get it right….What we have here is a typical British socialist who can’t debate Wild Bill on the substance of the issues so instead, he spends his time trying to dissect his credentials. This is the typical liberal socialist tactic… because our liberal socialist friend  can’t battle Wild Bill straight up on the issues, he take the easy, lazy man’s way out… kind of like the typical socilist’s work ethic.
       Nice try, fool. You and all of your progressive friends will pay dearly  (again!) at the next election. And then I am really going to enjoy the whailing and knashing of liberal teeth… we will be in touch! See you in November of 2012!

    3. joe says:

      Yea..im guessing he left out his football days. He went by Uncle Rico then. They could have won state but the coach wouldnt put him in. And he can throw a football from Florida to Cuba in a head wind.  He-s quite a man..
      (in his head)

    4. checkmclassics says:

      @StanMarsh1 wild bill is a LIAR!

    5. StanMarsh1 says:

      @fruitikay Certainly makes video making fun!

    6. fruitikay says:

      Don’t you just love idiots?

    7. journeyer58 says:

      There is such a thing as the Federal Bureau of Investigation Training Academy but there is nothing that I am aware of called the Federal Law Enforcement Academy. Secondly, TheSkepticalHeretic is correct when he states that the US Marshals are nothing like he is, they don’t go around trumpeting their service in point of fact I have personally known a retired FBI agent and he said nothing about his career with the FBI, anyone who has served in the Federal Government in law enforcement won’t talk.

    8. StanMarsh1 says:

      @LordCustos3 It sounds like a bio for a dating site.

    9. StanMarsh1 says:

      @OgreVI He’s like a gift that keeps on giving. ^_^

    10. FreeformTao says:

      @awreslr2 Aarrrrgh! You got a real point there with “Palin.” And when I think about it, about how Palin & Bachmann & Santorum & others who are actually running for the US’s highest office have some people wrapped around their fingers the way they do, it’s almost enough to give me a panic attack. Thanks.

    11. awreslr2 says:

      @FreeformTao Good observation! But, I’m sorry, Sarah Palin didn’t become rich without people who would easily take Bill seriously! Read some of the comments on his page! But I agree with you Yes, we are the best decision makers for our own lives, and shouldn’t preach to others, only ask our trusted friends for feedback and offer them our perspective and support. Anything more than following that course and we would be OVER the top in faked moralistic preaching, like Bill does all the time

    12. awreslr2 says:

      @KCKatheist Interesting observation, and thanks for your late father’s and husband’s service. Yes, that’s right, ex- military don’t forget nor misrepresent their MOS nor dates and locations of service in detail, unless they are NOT proud of their record. Then they make Navy Corpsmen into Marines, or do other misleading stuff, or join the Tea Party to compensate for their own paranoid fears incompetence and personal inadequacies. (We already know he’s “a lifelong bachelor who explores ..”!)

    13. FreeformTao says:

      I learned about this guy from Coughlan & SkepticalHeritic & I figured out that this Bill guy is nothing but a dumb hick. I don’t really mean to be mean, but c’mon. When folks start to set themselves up as ‘moral authorities’ in this fashion a red flag should go up. Or is it just me that feels that I’m my own best moral authority? Is anyone really taking this ‘Bill’ guy seriously?

    14. spaceman300 says:

      The internet is a place where you can be anything or anyone you like until someone one finds you out ;)

    15. theskepticalheretic says:

      @StanMarsh1 response. You could back end it on to Fed’s.

    16. FederalistFilms says:


      I always forget to say this: Thank you (and your husband and family) for your service.

    17. LordCustos3 says:

      WTF, his bio sounds like it was written by a 12 year old!

      >”A confirmed bachelor, Bill enjoys exploring excellent restaurants with some of the finest lady friends in the world.”
      Lemme guess, he has totally had, like, sex, with a real woman and everything! Swear to Gawd he did.
      He can bench press, like, a car and stuff.

    18. StanMarsh1 says:

      @theskepticalheretic You mean put it as a video response to your video or make it available for download?

    19. theskepticalheretic says:

      Oh link this vid to me please. I was a graduate of FLETC, and that’s the bit that made me the most angry.

    20. KCKatheist says:

      I’m a Marine’s daughter (semper fi; I miss you, pappy) and an Army NCO’s wife. NO honorable soldier or Marine forgets, misrepresents, or otherwise fucks up documentation of their MOS. As a nurse I’ve cared for WWII vets with raging dementia who couldn’t remember what they had for lunch, but could expound upon their time in service, in great detail, without error.

      WildBill has no shame. I hope he runs into a couple of Marines who’ll leave him flat on his lying ass, whimpering for a “medic!”

    21. OgreVI says:

      I’m glad this guy is giving everyone so much material. If Wild Bill didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him (you know, the way he invented himself).

    22. WiseMonkey888 says:

      The guy is an arse…

      Well done Stan… well done sir!

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