Where’s Wyo? -Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy

Still have no time for making videos, but I did have a friend record this quick gag for me. Yes, this is what Wyo IRL looks like.

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    24 Responses to “Where’s Wyo? -Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy”

    1. RS2DRAGON says:

      jebus long ass comments

    2. Iamkoty says:

      @salford08 Actually, you’re still quite wrong. My punctuation was perfectly fine. You never pluralize something with an apostrophe, as they are used in conjunctions and when showing possession. I knew these rules, I just used Thefreedictionary as a source to support my argument. Also, the terms “tap” and “faucet” are synonyms. That is to say, they are interchangeable.
      Also, the only difference between America’s English and “over the pond” English is our vernacular. The rules are the same.

    3. salford08 says:

      @Iamkoty when compared with the english counter part. It is my (close minded as it may be) belief that the english language can be used with the utmost inaccuracy in America (yet still be claimed to be ‘english’) especially when they spell certain terms such as ‘tap’ which over the pond is spelt ‘fauset’.

    4. salford08 says:

      @Iamkoty well i do believe i stand corrected, thankyou very much for looking that up for me, i will in the future follow the advice you gave. Although, to be fair, i was correcting somebody who i believed knew less than me and wasn’t actually correcting ‘thefreedictionary’ on it’s punctuation, i was however correcting yours.

      I would also like to point out the fact that (although i havent looked it up) that ‘thefreedictionary’ may actually be an American company and may be incorrect…

    5. Iamkoty says:

      @Iamkoty Also, you never just add an apostrophe to make something plural. Apostrophes are used when signifying possession (David’s ball, Joseph’s cat, etc.) and in conjunctions (they’re, we’re, he’s, etc.).

    6. Iamkoty says:

      @salford08 Actually, the plural of ass is asses. Since I was referring to more than one “fat ass”, I was completely correct. You clearly know very little about punctuation rules, and it’d be best if you not correct people who know more than you.
      Oh, and here’s some proof, as per “Thefreedictionary”
      Asses: Plural of ass.
      Names, on the other hand, have a set of rules all their own. It would, in fact, be Ross’s, since the name is one syllable. Names with two+ syllables require only the apostrophe.

    7. salford08 says:

      @Iamkoty “fat ass”es is spelt fat ass’ just to let you know, anything with “ss” on the end, to make it plural just add ‘ like Ross, so if you wanted to write… Ross’ ball rolled down the hill, it wouldnt be Ross’s ball rolled down the hill… or Rosses ball rolled down the hill. The first example would be the correct one. :-)

      Hope this helped =) I just read my comment back and it reads like im being a prick, im really not i am sincerely just letting you know. =)

    8. th3fatalpride says:

      I could see you giving a ticket, and giving a guide on how not to get caught next time.

    9. TheJoeyc1 says:

      hate how people always think 130+’s are fat….. i almost made a irl vid just to show up the haters, who probabally weigh twice as much as me

    10. MrColonelKFC says:

      @xxFlameAgsxx Failed stereotypes almost always fail.

    11. Iamkoty says:

      @xxFlameAgsxx “A legit good runescape player whos lvl 138, and not a complete fat ass?…”
      That sentence clearly implies that you believe most 138′s to be “fat ass”es. Just saying…

    12. zypheraces says:

      @xxFlameAgsxx im 138 and wheigh 140 at age 17

    13. wyan2xO says:

      lol wyoming

    14. Iamkoty says:

      @xxFlameAgsxx You’re a complete idiot. Being good at a game doesn’t imply obesity. This comment deserves a down vote for idiocy.

    15. DromeG60 says:

      @xxFlameAgsxx 138s are quite often not fat ass, just saying =)

    16. wyodaniel says:

      @xxFlameAgsxx I’m kinda US Army O_o

    17. thehaloassassin1 says:

      are you going to be a lawyer? i am going to be one when i get older :)

    18. FuryRanger says:

      Wyoming? You mean people actually live there?

    19. Plupish says:

      You need the skillcape of not being a fatass:D

    20. greendayfan157 says:

      Baldy@@@ :DDDDDDD lol

    21. ReachGameplay says:

      Holy shit a 138 thats not fat
      That’s fucking crazy

    22. teh1andonlykeida says:

      i was waiting for the camera man to knock over your tower lol

    23. TheArcherCp says:

      Yeah the robotic voice is weird, but kudos for making irl vid.

    24. BostonDots says:

      @mafia905 meany

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