What is there left for me to live for!?

Okay, here’s my story so far: I am a complete failure at making friends, i have multiple mental illnesses, (ODD, OCD, PTSD, AD/HD, conduct disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, enuresis, encopresis, explosive anger disorder, and and frequent homocidal thoughts). My father is drunk all the time, my mother doesn’t care about anything, and my eighteen year old sister does cocaine, marajuana, PCP, shrooms, and heroein while dancing around a housfull of boys butt naked. I am a complete social outcast at school because i don’t know what normal kids talk about. I was raised to do whatever was necessary to keep myself alive, so i knew how to make a home-made DTR missile by the time i was 12, as well as homemade grenade launchers, land-mines, and smoke grenades! My dad strictly worned me not to tell anyone what so freakin’ ever at at school about those things. Instead i talked about the tactical self-defense systems i’ve been trained in since i was five, such as hapkido, judo, jujitsu, kempo-karate, keysi, krav-maga, capoeira, savate, aikido, kung fu wu su, and kapap. And, consequently, my parents got an interesting call from one of my sixth grade teachers. From then on i was considered a freak. So here i am now, sixteen years old, and i can’t take it anymore. What on god’s green earth, (if there even is a "god"), is there left for me to live for!!!??

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