What are the main differences between Kapap and Krav Maga?

In terms of techniques, which is the most effective, I’ve checked Wikipedia and they have similar origins, but which is the best?

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5 Responses to “What are the main differences between Kapap and Krav Maga?”

  1. Daniel Hellsten says:

    Why don’t you look yourself.
    In Kapap they start to use knives and guns in the very first beginning, in Krav Maga they don’t


  2. LenaBarbeer says:

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  3. Martin Brown says:

    KAPAP is the progenitor that spawned Krav Maga. KAPAP (and Lotar and Haganah Atzmit) is a highly developed system for units in special operations. What is little understood about the military is that different units have different operational needs and receive training to suit. A basic infantryman has no need for hostage extraction skills in close quarter environments and a police unit (generally) needs to restrain, not neutralise.

    Krav Maga and KAPAP are both ‘catch all’ names for unit requirement. In the civilian world Krav Maga is a civilian system for self defence. The military has no use for self defence, the two simply don’t go together. KAPAP retains the Combatives qualities, however it is still aimed for the civilian self defence mark when all is considered.

  4. Kapap is the whole picture, Krav comes from Kapap originally and is the Self Defense aspect, very misunderstood, please look in the history books. Kapap covers everything from self defence to all military aspects of shooting, self preservation and more. The systems are very similar when it comes to hand to hand and weapons control, except Kapap was and still is taught to elite units above Krav in the IDF military. Yours, Former IDF soldier.

  5. Apollo says:

    I think Kapap is the empty hands version of the Israeli style. Krav Maga apparently includes some weapon training.

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