WEDF Episode 86 – RAW Part 1 – SVR 2011

Sorry for the long wait…Join the WEDF Forums today for the latest news on anything regarding WEDF or any other league that posts there: This is the last stop before Lashing Back, and the WEDF Championship picture could be drastically altered before the first CPV of Season 2 for WEDF as the United States Champion MVP will challenge the Rock for the WEDF Championship after MVP had defeated Vladimir Kozlov on Episode 83, gaining a shot. Will the Rock remain the Champion heading into Lashing Back or will MVP become the New WEDF Champion? Speaking of MVP, we still haven’t figured out who will be facing the Ballin’ Superstar for the United States Championship at Lashing Back yet. Will we find out who will face MVP at Lashing Back? The five challengers for the six pack challenge for the WEDF Championship at Lashing Back will be pretty busy on this edition of Raw, as they will be all competing in a two on three handicap match, as the teams were drawn at random. It will be Stone Cold and Triple H teaming up to face the team of CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, and Randy Orton! Can these teams somehow get along with the CPV only one Raw episode away? Will the Rock/MVP winner attempt to get involved in this second of two main events? We will also find out who will challenge the APA for the WEDF Tag Team Championships at Lashing Back as well, as the newcomers, the Motor City Machine Guns will be facing The Hart Dynasty in a number one contenders match. Who will be facing

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25 Responses to “WEDF Episode 86 – RAW Part 1 – SVR 2011”

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  3. DilemmaSTS says:

    the phrase is “beer swilling” (not trolling, just tryna help.) :)

  4. wrestlemaniaclassic says:

    what headset and audio tools you use?

  5. amazingred09 says:

    sorry if you’ve already answered this but why do the mcmg come out to ace of spades? sorry new viewer :)

  6. TheManintheTrench says:

    “Questionable Finish for the tag match.”

  7. wassonhhh says:

    you make this game look amazingly fantastic.

  8. punktaker09 says:


  9. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @SSVCloud You don’t need my email all you need to do is send the link to my inbox on youtube.

  10. SSVCloud says:

    PM me your email so I can send you the audio for Flame.

  11. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @TNAWWEFan94 and another title that you can defend in exhibition too like the WCW title or something.

  12. TNAWWEFan94 says:

    @InternetCAWrestling i dont really understand so like if i put the wwe title on orton he can defend it in exibition

  13. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @TNAWWEFan94 You can if you put another title on the superstar you want to have the title defended by them.

  14. TNAWWEFan94 says:

    @InternetCAWrestling can you just turn off universe in game options and have title matches in exibition

  15. Saber4000 says:

    Good start to Raw, Frank. I wonder what the rest of the show is gonna to be like after that.

  16. sonic00002 says:

    @internetCAWrestling, ty if only i had it for the xbox

  17. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @xxpatrickizradxx Use a secondary title like ECW or WCW title and put it on say the WWE Champion Yoshi Tatsu or something, then turn off Universe and you can then defend titles in exhibition.

  18. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @sonic00002 Fan Axxess, it unlocks everything on the game.

  19. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @sonic00002 Fan Axxess, it unlocks everything on the game.

  20. sonic00002 says:

    @xxpartrickizradxx: idk i think he edit it or he trun of the wwe unvirese

  21. xxpatrickizradxx says:

    how do you defend the wwe/world ic/us titles in single matches

  22. sonic00002 says:

    @internetCAWrestling, how did u get the million dollar title?

  23. BlueKnight851 says:

    Nice start to Raw. I wonder how the rest of the show will go.

  24. ALEXDWF013 says:

    John Morrison truly has captured the torch here people, lol

  25. joshuagra2 says:


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