WEDF Episode 78 – Raw Part 1 – Mr. McMahon vs. Danny Jackpot (1/2)

Suspect calls out Matt Eichorn, one half of Platinum Age and HBK talks to Flair backstage. After that, Big Show calls out the Monster Abyss. Then the start of the first ever meeting between Danny Jackpot and Mr. McMahon under no disqualification. This is the final Raw before the grandest stage of them all, Rasslemania is up and a lot will happen tonight as superstars make their cases to their opponents and more matches will be confirmed as well. Suspect has had major issues with DCO’s Platinum Age, as the team of Oshujax and Matt Eichorn have abused the system of DCO superstars being allowed to show up on any WEDF brand or even United and have caused hell for Suspect. Is this the last straw for Suspect? Will the Rated Blak Suspectstar finally call out the Platinum Age? Suspect announced in an interview that he wants the Platinum Age on Raw tonight and wants a match reportedly with Matt Eichorn at Rasslemania. Shawn Michaels frustration has grown over the past few months and his loss against Sting had Shawn Michaels not having a match with the Undertaker at Rasslemania, and the frustration finally came in between his friendship with Triple H, as D-Generation X were out last time on Raw for a friendly promo when all of a sudden Shawn Michaels gave Triple H sweet Chin music and turned on his partner. What will Triple H do in response to this? What about Ric Flair who was disappointed in Shawn’s actions? The Monster Abyss has been undefeated and unmatched ever since coming to

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12 Responses to “WEDF Episode 78 – Raw Part 1 – Mr. McMahon vs. Danny Jackpot (1/2)”

  1. SkeleDancer says:

    Ignore the question about SVR 2011.
    Just saw the video that said you’re switching.

  2. SkeleDancer says:

    This is absolutely great what you guys do. I love it.
    I’ve been watching for awhile but I’ve just never commented before.
    Amazing job.

    Are you guys going to transfer over to SVR 2011?
    There will be so many possibilities for cut scenes and things like cashing in MITB. It would be awesome!

    Anyways, great job!

  3. masterpengun says:

    @alexthelizardking no he attack the invisible man

  4. masterpengun says:

    vince should have the ima boss song

  5. InternetCAWrestling says:

    @adamakalilp Khali beat Flair on United I forgot to take that out of the description

  6. adamakalilp says:

    hold up, the show summary talks about Khali vs. Ric Flair for the hardcore title, which I never saw happen in this episode, yet a 6 man brawl for the hardcore title was made for rasslemania, how is this when we never saw khali take the title from flair???

  7. Powercat316 says:

    Oh snap, Big Titty V

  8. joshuagra2 says:

    excellent show man u rock and cant wait for rasslemania

  9. BlueKnight851 says:

    Crazy start to Raw! And Avyss having Kane’s old theme song mixed with his, that is pure genius, man. I like it!

  10. SamCarter501 says:

    top big daddy v caw

  11. alexthelizardking says:

    did burchill attack the whiff of air?

  12. V1masonv1 says:

    fuck wedf fuck dco idk y u would pull some shit like that but fuck u douche bags

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