Voice Stress Analyzer **LATEST** WARNING



Have you lost a job opportunity with a law enforcement agency because you wrongly failed a voice stress analyzer test? 


You may have a legal remedy. 


Most large police agencies are governed by state or municipal civil service rules or laws,

which make them also subject to the US government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rule 29 CFR 1607,

the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (July 1, 1998). 


According to the EEOC, all employee selection tools must meet minimum standards, including validation. 


It is simply a matter of law that departments must use validated tools for hiring, such as the MMPI, CPI,

polygraph, urinalysis, intelligence tests or others that have withstood independent scientific investigation. 


They are specifically prohibited from using unvalidated methods. 


The voice analyzer technology falls into the unvalidated category. 


If you took a voice stress to get a law enforcement job, it is a violation of your rights under these EEOC provisions.


Contact your attorney for more advice.





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