US polygraphs way beyond tests, close to unlawful interrogation

Your financial state, sex life and personal relationships – apparently all that information is relevant to US national security – according to the CIA. Thousands of people in America have to answer very intimate questions while taking obligatory polygraph tests every year. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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25 Responses to “US polygraphs way beyond tests, close to unlawful interrogation”

  1. madmadjenny says:

    Had a friends who applied for a call analysis position with the Sheriff’s dept. Was questioned for 3 hours before the polygraph even began. She might as well have been asked how many times she had wiped her ass in her life. They asked everything else. Number of sexual partners, what kind of sex…everything… ridiculous. Not like she was going to be a cop. How about our government officials have to do this? Would never happen. No one should have to be subjected to that kind of humiliation.

  2. Sidney Holcomb says:

    Petty tyranny feeds off unquestioned compliance to policy’s that clearly are at odds with human decency. So just keep selling your souls for a job America and don’t cry “victim” when apathy comes into fruition.

  3. Sismiques says:

    Polygraphs are not reliable.

    That is why most US courts won’t accept them as evidence anymore.

  4. halakukhan says:

    LOL 2:54 her blouse is screaming…….

  5. t4705mb6 says:

    Hilarious. Thanks.

  6. StinkFingerr says:

    Security without Liberty isn’t worth a damn,Bootlicker.

  7. Ethan Ward says:

    BULLSHIT. There are real threats and the US government is just trying to make the world a more secure and peaceful place. Why would the US government do anything bad? All they want is what’s best for US citizens and it’s protecting the US from bad guys. Why don’t people appreciate instead of attack that. God bless America because if they weren’t the most powerful countries like Russia and China would be and that would SUCK. God bless America and fuck people who hate the US government.

  8. davisoneill says:

    If the East German Stasi had done this the US media would never stop telling us about it. But now, we have to depend on Russian TV to hear the truth…

  9. Luis Rivera says:

    i think i need to leave this country

  10. TheOuroboros666 says:

    gave myself a polygraph test……. clearly not qualified to pay taxes……

  11. Florin Rosca says:


  12. scottandildi says:

    The US is a police state now. The people have to get used to it.

  13. ec1032am says:

    To become a police officer you have to pass a polygraph test, and a classmate of mine said his friend who completed the test was asked if he ever had sex with any type of animal…

  14. EJPutz says:

    Well they take canon gospel as canon gospel, so why not that? I assume these are the same people who cry over soap operas. Don’t you just love TV?

  15. EJPutz says:

    Hehe… Well, I don’t find him “scary”.. More like “comical”… **The Sportscaster Of Doom**

  16. EJPutz says:

    No argument there.. I mean, as long as you’re OK working for an entity which assumes everyone in it’s employ is a pathological liar. Others might be a bit put-off by it; but if it works for you…

    Anyway… RT is the new “activist media” .. meaning that many (if not most) are here looking for an excuse to point the finger at government. Did you remember to bring your war paint? :-)

  17. fanof2012 says:

    He is a journalist who always makes sure to cite his stories on govt/corporate corruption. Does that make him reliable? I say YES.
    Too bad so many ppl find his news to be too scary to believe.

  18. EJPutz says:

    You cannot stop what you do because you have no choice in the matter. Even I have no choice. I must live; therefore I must work within the system or die fighting it. Which is why in 6000 years no one has changed the course of it. But we live on a finite world. There’s only so much plunder that can occur before we run out of things to consume and we must consume each other. Such is the prophecy as I understand it. Only an imbecile would call it a lie. Therefore MAN must be an imbecile!

  19. Margarethe Weigel says:

    WOW! with such a test I could proove the truth! where can I do it?

  20. EJPutz says:

    I don’t recall ever saying I was a Christian. But I have read their book (among others). Fascinating stuff! We behave exactly as they said: We breed like rabbits, spreading ourselves far and wide, with no concern for the world we live in, save for what we can take from it.. We exist in a constant state of war, always blaming the guy on the other side of the border.. We are the poster child for religious truth, and yet we mock it. If they could foresee all of this, then why not our end as well?

  21. SMGJohn says:

    True, indeed the American government has grown into something alien strange.
    It’s like worse then Nazi Germany, it’s paranoid about everything there is and bullies small countries

  22. StinkFingerr says:

    I understand your feelings,but I think the real problems started around the time of the Wilson administration & have grown worse in fits & starts untill now the government is almost totally estranged from the interests of rank & file citizens.

  23. HugGiEbaReballs says:

    Wow, this is for people who applied for jobs as government officials. It’s not like these people where randomly selected to take polygraph tests. They were applying for jobs as government officials. This is what you call BIASED PERSUASIVE MANIPULATIVE MEDIA. Do you really think this is a breach of peoples rights? Subjective questioning under a lie detector should be no different than regular conversation to any honest human being.

  24. bprimchand says:

    The Zionist control the government, so its there idea for use of polygraph and get rid of the guns so when American get mad they would be defenseless.

  25. TheHomoludens says:

    “as there’s really no other possible outcome.”
    A self-fulfilling prophesy given the many indoctrinated fake christians like you…

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