Unboxing edged goodness

Yep, finally some more weapons for the collection… it has been way too long since the last addition. =)

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    22 Responses to “Unboxing edged goodness”

    1. nodillinger says:

      only had to re-shave once

    2. WeaponCollector says:

      Great Video Guys, you got some awesome new stuff there, the Cutlass was a real beauty, good man tetsubo never fails to deliver!!


    3. DonQuixotedeKaw says:

      OOOOO Purdy stuff. :-D

    4. ninjatanuki says:

      Acquiring new sharp objects in the mail or otherwise is one of the greatest things in life.

      also the awesome blank stare at 5:36

    5. wolvenblacktalon1 says:

      @CaraDanaellea well actully its not really ment for assassingations lol its the zombietools ZT throwing knife very very very sharp

    6. CaraDanaellea says:

      @Kisk79 If you like tetsubo’s rpg-threats on the forums you should check out his YouTube-channel, besides being a very avid world-news commentator he makes great RPG-reviews and talks about fascinating and absurd aspects of RPG.

      We definitely are going to test that sweet blade as soon as the heavens over here decide to fix their broken water-crane… *grumble*

    7. CaraDanaellea says:

      @wolvenblacktalon1 The Kershaw Leek is very sharp, that’s not the problem. I had to figure out where to cut and the gorilla tape is though like hell no matter how sharp the knife.
      Not that I would object to a friendly donation of your assassins blade ;)

    8. SkallagrimNilsson says:

      Yes, they are excellent. You were totally hitting the mark with the bonus you added. I like straight razors but didn’t want to spend money on one, and I definitely wanted a larger folding knife. Thanks again!

    9. SkallagrimNilsson says:

      Not exactly scimitar shape. It reminds more of a light cavalry saber, or maybe cutlass.

    10. finalfantasy4everock says:

      That’s actually very cool looking!

    11. HONORGUARD308 says:

      i use to have a stright razor and i have used it a few times, also dont cut paper with it to see how sharp it is, the blade is very thin and very hard so it can break when cutting paper it you twitch a little bit

    12. BlackOpsCommand says:

      “Oh Shit”….priceless!

    13. HojoOSanagi says:

      The hilt of the cutlass looks like a late 1800s Prussian design, but the blade is definitely modern. Awesome, nonetheless; as were the other blades. I especially loved the old-fashioned razor. I’ve never actually seen one in real life.

    14. turbovf1s says:

      looks like a cavalry saber.

    15. cutlerylover says:

      nice…sharp things!!!!

    16. Snicke22 says:


    17. sel36 says:

      Love the unboxing videos!

    18. tetsubo57 says:

      Please don’t blame me for the sharpness of the razor. My Father gave it to me less than a week before I sent it to you.
      What can I say, I like things to be secured. Gorilla tape!
      Remember, the cutlass is carbon steel. Yes, Condor Tool & Knife.
      I have several straight razors.
      I actually carried the CRKT for a time. I found that the thumb disk is superior to a thumb stud design. Though I think I like the thumb hole design favored by Spyderco best.
      Glad you like the blades.

    19. Kisk79 says:

      You know Tetsubo57? What a small world, I like the artwork he’s done on DeviantArt, and he makes some interesting threads on theRPGsite.

      That’s also a rather beautiful cutlass (there’s a nice review of it on Sword Forum International, you should check it out). I’m looking forward to the cutting video.

      Thanks for uploading.

    20. lambdog76 says:

      @lambdog76 the first one that is to say

    21. wolvenblacktalon1 says:

      lol? *scratches head* im starting to think you use differnt knives everytime to ipen the packages lol @cara maybe you would need my little assassins blade its like a razor

    22. lambdog76 says:

      Very cool. Kind of a scimitar shape?

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