Ultimate Krav Maga Extended Trailer HD

The ‘Ultimate Krav Maga’ DVDs feature some of the best Krav Maga instructors from around the world including: Guest Instructors John Whitman from Los Angeles, California; Amnon Darsa and Special Guest Instructor Eyal Yanilov from Israel. You will learn: practical self defense techniques against weapons, holds, grabs and how to deal with multiple attackers standing or on the ground, plus much more. Learn what Law Enforcement officers and Military units from around the world are using to help save their lives on the street and on the battlefield. DVD Special Features: Hostage Gun/Knife techniques – Aggression/Pressure drills – Full interviews with Eyal Yanilov and John Whitman – About the founder Imi Lichtenfeld. NO RINGS. NO RULES. NO BULL. For more info go to – www.ultimatekravmaga.com

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26 Responses to “Ultimate Krav Maga Extended Trailer HD”

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  2. SamTIKM says:

    @iSmileForSub you’ll find that the reins was passed onto Eyal

  3. SamTIKM says:

    @ArtMassacre the founder imi was a boxer and wrestler

  4. redbull90 says:

    you dont have to be in good condition, but they will get in the best shape of your life, because conditioning is important in a fight, even on the streets where it will probaly last for only a few seconds. also, they will teach you to bite through fatigue and stress, never to give up. thats a somewhat unique approach in krav maga

  5. redbull90 says:

    well there is a difference when some drunk guy try’s to punch you and you lbokc the punch and hit back at the same time and maybe perpare for more, then some drunk guy thry’s to punchs you and you hit him in his balls,poke his eyes out,throw him on his head and repeatly stomp on his head,give him serveral soccer kicks and shit on him

  6. iSmileForSub says:

    @ArtMassacre its based on bjj and mui thai i believe. so its mui thai and bjj combined

  7. iSmileForSub says:

    @SamTIKM acutally hes the grandmaster of krav.

  8. ArtMassacre says:

    is KM based on asian martial arts?

  9. SamTIKM says:

    @MRWTFIZUP of something yes… not km

  10. MRWTFIZUP says:


  11. Krav4U says:

    @noiseklinik You don’t HAVE to be really fit to learn Krav Maga, if your not in shape you’ll get in shape fast. Just go with what you like better, the art has to fit the person. Like for me Krav Maga feels natural (maybe that was the original intention) so I love it.

  12. entitled says:

    there is a defense called defense of a person which says that you can only use as much force you are confronted with or slightly higher. but you have to ensure you didn’t “intend” to cause grievous bodily harm or death. Basically you should use reasonable force and must stop delivering unnecessary force because otherwise that can get you sued.

  13. noiseklinik says:

    i am trying to compare vee arnis jitsu to krav maga. i dont know what to choose. i think that in krav maga you have to be in a good physical condition in order to train which is different than vaj where you dont have to to be fit, but krav maga seems to be more simple… i dont know what to choose

  14. mossamore says:

    this looks pretty sick. no rings, no rules (sorry TD Ameritrade), no bull, but also, no single star. still, where’s my girl at?

  15. Kvotal says:

    there is more than one exercise against the knife and not all of them are finishing with destruction of the opponent some just bringing him down which buys you enough time to escape – but if you not sure about your ability to do those exercises you better punch with no hesitation – punch with hesitation is like a bullet in the air – make some effect but for sure very little physical damage :-)

  16. Kvotal says:

    do not always trust the “balls” issue but work on the continuation of every given situation – as usual what you study in the gym is a bit different from what you see in the reality – freezing is our worse enemy and just to say hit the balls means that if your balls attack fails you do not picture the possible continuation and development – more correctly is strike the balls and then destroy – and then call the police asap.

  17. TheGrowler says:

    I want his t shirt !

  18. matthewkulow says:

    A lot of times the cops and prosecutors will look at the situation and the use of force. When I teach Krav Maga I always start with the Use of Force Continuum. The best thing to do is if your in an altercation is to disable the attacker enough to get away then call the police and file a report. That way your covering your ass.
    Hope this some what helps

  19. baxter7771 says:

    CSTATB… I love it when people like yourself want to talk about “fair fight” rules.
    Are there “fair fight” rules when there is a guy in front of you with a knife?
    Hit the balls!!!!

  20. wolfyjournalism says:

    @laid2dabeat different country, provinces, states all have their own rule ! best way is to check the law book.

  21. Firethrush says:

    Well this is why they teach you how to take away a knife and tell you to try to avoid it in a fight, saying that its too dangerous if you fail. Turns out that it is because if you take a knife a way and the guy so much as trips and bang his head after the disarm, you could be seen as having hurt the guy in a fight where you have a deadly weapon. That really sucks when you are defending yourself and your loved ones. Because of that I say get rid of the disarmed weapon when safe to do so.

  22. WELSHMIKEY says:


    Clearly you dont do krav :p, hmm main targets: eyes, throat, balls ^_^.

  23. EATMAN888 says:

    yea i rather get sued than stabbed raped dead injured deformed!just mind ya bees wax and keep tp your self but if a dummy wants to attack you well have at it! the law is some bull shit

  24. EATMAN888 says:

    hell yea thats some bs! i say do what you gotta do and get the fuckout of dodge!

  25. gwormald07 says:

    How much, how far, when to fight, when to run, are all part of the Krav system. If you have not been taught this–talk to your instructor. If he doesn’t have a good answer–go somewhere else for instruction, you’re only getting part of self defence.

  26. AliCarmona says:

    Yeah I know about your concern man…but like one great Krav Maga Instructor once said “I rather be sued than stabbed”

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