Torture therapy: Doctors want CIA explanation over harsh terror suspect interrogation

A coalition of human rights, health and religious groups has filed a complaint about the CIA – to the US health department. It follows a report alleging torture and experiments on detainees. The CIA denies it and refuses to investigate. John Bradshaw, who’s the director of “Physicians for Human Rights”, co-authored the report. He says the goal is to stop Obama’s government return to Bush-era interrogation methods.

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25 Responses to “Torture therapy: Doctors want CIA explanation over harsh terror suspect interrogation”

  1. Jugoslav47 says:

    usa are the bigest fascists that exist

  2. ZerqTM says:

    Water boarding is torture!
    Toture is a warcrime!
    Bush and Chanie need to be extrodited to the hague!

    Being american does not give you impunity agains warcrimes enither toes being the president!

    These people are war criminal and its a travasty of justice thay they have gone free!

    Its absolute proof the america is a nation of hypacrits who think its all good and fine to judge others but maintain that they of all people should allways have a get out of jail free card.

  3. justjacqueline2004 says:

    How can a “doctor”in any way be involved in “torture”and still be doctors.Is torture a new technique?These same AMA doctors would flame the “auto de fe”yet there is a humane torture technique?If these doctors are so proud let their work be published and examined.Perhaps giving the torture patient MMR would be suficient pain.The AMA is a disgrace to allow this or are the doctors registered in another jurisdiction like the UK.

  4. goonercrew08 says:

    @fog0death I know its hard for you canadians to accept that it is an American invention;but get over it.Life go’s on.

  5. ChaosButterfly8 says:

    WOW! Dr. Josef Mengele is still in business after all of these years? Nice job security.

  6. flyyspit says:

    Pure evil

  7. cityhunterhf says:

    another 731.

  8. Mehmet66Yozgat says:

    Obama is the same shit like George Bush. He’s a fuckin’ liar !!

  9. Patrickz1984 says:

    Yes these soldiers did not only die for their country, they died for it’s values and if they had to see what people like you have done to those values which embody the terms of freedom and liberty that people like you use so loosely(without even knowing their meaning)- they would rise from their graves and beat the shit out of you, you dumb motherfucker.

  10. breedofthe45 says:


  11. XxPhoenixHarpyexX2 says:


  12. HakGraf says:

    people these days fail to recognize how perfect the USA is compared to every middleastern country.
    Stop the BUllshit accusations of the US government!
    Those of you who live in the US…HAVE SOME FUCKING PRIDE for hundreds of thousand US Soldiers before you have died in other countries defending the other countries freedom!

  13. sssssjjjj1 says:

    Considering 911 was an inside job, we are insane for torturing. This must be stopped. This is like a nightmare we live in. Bush and Cheney have committed so many crimes and don’t even get investigated. This is a sick sick world the Roths and the Rocks have engineered with their fiat money. Dig this dumbasses. When someone loses a dollar in stock market, someone wins a dollar. So who is getting it. The criminal fed, owned by the Bank of London. I guess I need a darn good waterboarding.

  14. peepeevagi says:

    You end up telling us what we WANT to hear though. A yes is a yes. And our CIA is pretty smart. Better than Scotland yard and the Russian secret police COMBINED.

  15. theabomation says:

    You can not humanly torture people it is like trying to humanly murder someone with an half sharp piece of glass..

  16. sealhunter5 says:

    Waste of water——-There are droughts around the world send them the water!

  17. igorvasilevsky says:

    Yes We Torture!

    (USA, 2010)

  18. BottledPulsar says:

    Surely we’ll see many comments blaming the government but the real responsibles here are the ones who have accepted this system and allow these crimes.

    A state isn’t afraid of an intellectual with no desire to fight for his ideals, nor it’s afraid of a firearm owner whose mind is only focused on it’s basic needs and it’s local reality.

    Go to the streets, shout what you really think, defend your ideas, spread your beliefs, that is the essence of a healthy democracy. Everyday it’s up to you.

  19. flouka101 says:

    britain = usa = israel = terroriste states

  20. stonewindimmortal says:

    To my conclusion Sticking a Sword in this man’s ass seems to make him confess. What’s your take on this Dr Gerbert?

  21. bubbyslife2 says:

    that could be your son or daughter

  22. Soccer7SG says:

    This is disgusting! Shame on our government!

  23. grjtcm1 says:

    Obama …Ethical ?

    We all know that OBLAHMA is a fraud and a disgrace to intelligent life on this planet …

  24. TheMercilessEye says:

    @lastpoet1 Agreed. My apologies. Comment withdrawn.

  25. lastpoet1 says:

    @TheMercilessEye rasism is not a tactic u should be using to chat with some1 its ignorant and arrogant and shows u to be either a agent trolling 4 the goverment or a bigot showing how dumbed down the goverment and there backers have made u so plz if u want to chat dont come at me like that use ur mind not ur hate or pocket cause i dont chat with plp like u or like that

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