Tom Baker 1st Doctor Who Interview

Tom Baker interview from 1974. I believe this must be his earliest Doctor who interview. It was filmed when on location for the episode ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’ and the interviewer doesn’t seem to know know what he looks like (though I suspect that part to be a bit staged) and is even surprised by his Doctor outfit. Clips belong to the BBC, no copyright infringement is intended, for entertainment purposes only. As always I encourage buying DVDs.

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28 Responses to “Tom Baker 1st Doctor Who Interview”

  1. Dan Heltsley says:

    I was surfing the net when Sierra came in, gave me a shock and started manja-ing me

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  3. dr who dolls says:

    The 1st show of the new series, broadcast on Saturday, featured a kissogram, a naked Physician and a “sexed up” Tardis.During the special 65-minute episode, The Eleventh Hour, in which Physician Who had 20 minutes to save Earth from aliens recognized as the Atraxi, his new companion, Amy Pond, was revealed as a kissogram dressed in a skimpy policeman’s outfit, complete with mini-skirt and handcuffs. In 1 scene, Amy, played by the actress Karen Gillan, told the Doctor that her kissogram repertoire also included nuns and nurses’ outfits. Locate out extra at Sci Fi Fan.

  4. Gostellow says:

    @doctorwhoone – I’d guess he’s pronouncing Pertwee’s name the French way, “Perthuis” – Jon Pertwee’s family’s original surname…

  5. LoveTimeLord says:

    When in doubt..bring out the jellybabies. :)

  6. SignMeUpCoach says:

    How can you not fall for this Doctor! Charming man…still charming after all these years. He sure had/has something extra.

  7. Themoredeluded says:

    Ohh the mans a legend- wise i had a voice like that

  8. rockerdude12233 says:

    his voice sounds kinda like professor snape from harry potter

  9. tincan77 says:

    “would you like a jelly baby?” at 2:26 !! if tom baker actually said that to me, my inner 8 year old would freak out….

  10. Rai4eva says:

    @cbatt91337 Haha thanks :D It’s so true though :)

  11. cbatt91337 says:

    LOL you should copyright that

  12. doctorwhoone says:

    PERTWEE you stupid Interviewer !!!! not ” Pu-tee ” . . . . berk ! . . . .

    That Cyberman he askes where Tom is at the start thou sounds like Tom , he must have been in that suit .

    Interesting when he give that Interviewer a Jelly Baby , i wonder if because of that someone decided that Jelly Babies should be his Doctors little snack ? . . . . maybe . . .

  13. msboku says:

    I met him in 1984. I have him on Audion tape. Funny stuff!

  14. hungryhippo323 says:

    My earliest memories are of Tom as Doctor Who and Dr. Snuggles…suprised I didn’t become a doctor.

  15. Rai4eva says:

    Tom Baker = sex in a scarf ^^

  16. derangedband says:

    i wonder what he would have thought if he knew he would become one of the most popular doctors ever soon after XD

  17. MrFrodoBagginses says:

    Even in the very first episode, An Unearthly Child, they just call him the Doctor.

  18. SnoocheeBoochees says:

    shame that they never get reporters that know anything about the show, even in the matt smith interviews everyone still asks him wat its like to be doctor who

  19. timfoxxy says:

    Love the man at the end sratching his head as he sees the Doctor and the Cybermen enter, so funny!

  20. warriorsfan19 says:

    @LordThree I understand that I’m talking about when the interviewer called him Doctor Who and when the credit roll at the end of every episode he is known as Doctor Who.

  21. LordThree says:

    @warriorsfan19 Actually he was never ‘addressed’ as anything but “the Doctor” in the classic series. The first time I saw it I didn’t know what I was watching because they never name him, I just remember being very very young and thinking the show was strange and creepy. I didn’t rediscover it again till years later.

  22. icemachine79 says:

    @themindrobber Yeah, I think most of us have fallen into that trap at one time or another. These days I trust them not to put a complete idiot in the role and wait until I see the new Doctor in action before I make any judgment one way or the other.

  23. icemachine79 says:

    @warriorsfan19 Guess he wasn’t such a huge national figure after all.

  24. warriorsfan19 says:

    The reporter said the predecessor’s name all wrong. It’s Pert-wee. not per-two-ee/

  25. warriorsfan19 says:

    Well from what my grandmother tells me, that’s what they called him back then. Until these days, he was just doctor who until they shorten it to the Doctor.

  26. maadmaestro says:

    Thee Doctor!!….He’s always been very honest about his life before ‘Who’……If you’re a new-timer you should get your mitts on his autobiography… ‘Who on earth is Tom Baker?’…You’ll pee yourself!!

  27. CartBel says:

    I hate when people call him doctor who! ITS THE DOCTOR the show title is a question!

  28. greengrendel says:

    lol, he’s just munching away on that jellybaby… <3<3<3

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