Things to Do in a Job Interview

Everyone who plans to apply for a job always undergoes some form of job interview. We are asked several questions that will test our technical qualifications and overall preparedness for the job. We sweat from thinking of the right answer because one mistake may lose our grips from the job at hand. We might not have the chance to get the job that we are applying for.

It is always important to stay calm so that you can think clearly and be able to engage in a smart talk with the interviewer. Here are some tried and tested tips for you when sitting on that interview chair.

First thing to do is know the type of interview that you are going to undergo. There are many types, like a screening interview, behavioral interview, stress interview or team interview.

The screening interview is usually done by the human resource department of the company. This is called the preliminary round. Key persons from the company will usually ask about the qualification of the applicant, number of experience and all other basic information. Screening interview is usually just a phone call. But at other times, it requires a personal visit to their office already.

The behavioral interview is intended to dig how the applicant would react in a certain situation. The answers to theoretical situational questions will gauge the personality, attitude and optimism of the interviewee.

The stress interview is like a form of interrogation. It aims to see if the applicant can get easily confused, fearful or even defensive. If the applicant remains calm in the whole interview, he surely can win the interview round.

The team interview is also called the panel interview. This happens when the company you are applying for has multiple bosses. This means that you are applying for a company who has lots of department and the entire department should have a say to the applicants. One advantage for team interview is the answer of the applicant can not only be evaluated by one. This means the applicant can have a majority vote in one time.

If you know what kind of interview you are going to undergo, you can prepare yourself better. On the phone interview are easy to handle for most applicants. This is because the applicant would not have to dress formally and would not have to worry about their facial expression. If you go for a phone interview, just make an impression out of your voice. You must be able to impress your employers by your voice.

Be on time to the place where you are going to have your interview. If you get a second interview call, appreciate yourself because you have a 50% chance for the job you are applying.

Review your first interview’s performance. Learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. If you are going for a second interview, do not forget to equip yourself with helpful knowledge like the company background and the position you are applying for.

Remember that second interview requires more preparation, more intensity and more pressure so prepare more. Ask for itinerary for your second interview. Get a nice good night rest the night before your interview. If you can bring your pocket snack on the day of your interview, it would be much better because you might have a long day of interview.

Do not oblige yourself to accept the job right away if you are offered the position on the spot. Do not succumb to the pressure. Give it time to think about their offer. Make negotiations in a polite way if you are not satisfied with their offered compensation. Believe in your capabilities and what you are worth.

Source by David Urmann
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