The Temp Life – Season 5 Teaser: Everyone’s a Suspect! Premieres December 6th! This season, from the writers of “The Legend of Neil”: Someone on the inside is plotting to have Nick humiliated and fired. Is it one of the temps? His boss? His own brother? Everyone’s a suspect! DOWNLOAD THE TEMP LIFE iPHONE APP: CONNECT WITH THE TEMP LIFE: Find a REAL temp job THE TEMP LIFE CREDITS Nick ‘Trouble’ Chiapetta: Wilson Cleveland Mark: Mark Jude Alina: Rachel Risen Stormy: Thom Woodley Eve: Illeana Douglas Cook: Milo Ventimiglia Eddie: Craig Bierko Nancy: Taryn Southern Stevie P.: Sandeep Parikh Counselor Rick: Tony Janning Thomas: Mark Gantt Tammy: Jessica Rose Bonnie: Rachael Hip-Flores Hank: Brendan Bradley Ben: Ben Blair Written by: Tony Janning & Gabe Uhr Directed by: Jato Smith & Andrew Park Exec Produced by: Wilson Cleveland, CJP Digital Media Produced by: Lisa McCarthy & Lesly Cardec Director of Photography: Steve Pitre & Ulf Soderqvist

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    15 Responses to “The Temp Life – Season 5 Teaser: Everyone’s a Suspect!”

    1. spheriontheweb says:

      @FAYMprod Seriously?!

    2. FAYMprod says:

      TEMP LIFE is tattooed on my stomach.

    3. spheriontheweb says:

      @HansKeller215 Thank you so much! We hope so!

    4. spheriontheweb says:

      @Redaapadoca Thank you!

    5. Redaapadoca says:

      Cool web show!!!

    6. GuntherBecker says:

      This cracks me up :)

    7. YoulandaCa says:


    8. Brindaerkela says:


    9. LudwigBran says:

      I really like watching this!

    10. HansKeller215 says:

      OMG! This is going to be too funny!

    11. Pegreist says:

      HAHA Love it!

    12. Thaomorely says:

      Thanks for posting, looks very entertaining!

    13. Lorileebarden says:

      Can’t wait.

    14. Joannlambe says:

      Too Funny

    15. modelmotion says:


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