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Wouldn’t you love to have a book of secrets that shows you how to read minds, boost IQ, make money, spend less, get the real news, subliminally persuade, detect lies, and find treasure? Then get your copy of The Secrets Package. I’ll tell you more about these great e-books in a moment, but first sign up for our free Secrets Course: You’ll get reports on creativity techniques, tax avoidance tips, how to read minds, how to find cheap medical care, political secrets and more. No spam, and there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. You Aren’t Supposed to Know – A Book of Secrets 99 Lies – Another Book of Secrets A Survival Guide for Interesting Times Signs of Lying and How to Trap a Liar Money Saving Secrets How to Beat a Lie Detector Test One good idea can make a book worth the price, right? Owning this package is like having the most useful parts of sixty books laid out in front of you. In a few minutes, you can start considering how to use these secrets to change your life. Here is some of what you’ll get. Learn subliminal persuasion techniques – They’ll happily do what you want. Convince employers to hire you. Get people to help you. Use secret words, body language and more. How to get information – Find a long lost friend, learn about the new boss before he interviews you, find anyone using phone pretexts, free investigative tools and more. Hypnotic writing – I quadrupled the sign-ups for my newsletters by applying these techniques. How will you use them? (It’s not all about business.) Get the "real" news – Some news never makes it to CNN or the networks, or shows up months or years after the fact. But you can get it today once you know how. Read Minds – People’s pupils get bigger when they like what they see or think about what they like (try it in a mirror). You’ll learn how to use that to get into their minds. Develop your intuition Cure phobias Be more creative Zero-down real estate investing Instant motivation secrets Tricks credit card companies play on you How to fix your credit report Make your business more profitable How to get free things How to improve your memory 67 ways to lose weight Alice in Wonderland? – Buy the book and at the bottom of Chapter 1 you’ll see an excerpt lifted straight from a CIA interrogation manual, describing the "Alice in Wonderland" technique. I hesitated to include such a manipulative method, but this is a book of secrets. Fortunately, you’ll also find more ethical ways to influence people and get information. News You May Have Missed – February 8, 2013 – Here are a few of the things happening in the United States which have not had wide exposure in traditional news outlets. Following a quick description of each there is a link to the source material… Radio Tracking of Students… Continue reading here… Dangerous Cities, Credit Control and More – February 1, 2013 – Here are a few news items and bit pieces of information that you may have… Read more here… Sending and Stashing Cash – January 25, 2013 – This page covers two aspects of dealing with cash. The first is sending currency through the U.S. mail. The second… Continue reading here… Want to beat the casino? I used to run a roulette table. One of my favorite players was a quiet guy who always bet the same number, and kept winning! Months later I met him and learned exactly $80,000 in sixteen months of part-time play. The whole story, including his betting system, is in the e-book. You’ll learn how politicians hide the truth (the specific techniques), so you can protect yourself from being manipulated. You can see the value here, so don’t miss this opportunity. You Aren’t Supposed to Know is hundreds of pages long by itself, and comes with five other books. Of course it’s not the quantity of information, but the quality that matters. I once paid $80 for a 76-page e-book and the information in it made me thousands of dollars–glad I didn’t pass up that opportunity. If you’re anything like me, you probably already make it a habit to learn important secrets that others don’t know. Why not continue the process, and order now? I was just browsing the book and it is even better than I imagined. Keep up the good work. I am truly impressed. – Steve H Hi Steve. Many thanks for the course. I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve now rediscovered Your "Secrets" ebook. The one I bought a few months ago, but lost track of on my computer. It’s a joy. Thank you for that, too. – Albert W Some lies exist because we like simple solutions to complex problems–a desire that can cost an individual and society a fortune. An example? See Lie # 3. (People will wonder where you learn these secrets.) But let me warn you that lies we tell ourselves are covered too, so if it bothers you to see your own lies revealed, avoid this book. On the other hand, if you want to see through all dishonesty and grow in wealth and personal power as a result, this is a book for you. Survive everything from a pay cut to wars, political tyranny and natural disasters. The variety of circumstances and preparations covered will surprise you. You’ll discover how to… You’ll learn 500 ways to save money on almost everything, including where to get free or cheap dental x-rays, books and legal advice. But what really sets this book apart is Part One, where you’ll learn how to be an opportunist, develop money-saving habits, defend yourself in the marketplace, and more. You can spend 30% less on groceries, vacation for half-price, and get more for your money in almost every area of life. You won’t find another money-saving book like this one. What’s "Weber’s law," "regret aversion" and "refusal to book losses?" Discover the truth…
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