Principles of movement in Taijutsu. There is something that I have been thinking about for some time – and that is the actual principles we use in our execution of Taijutsu. Principles. Taijutsu is not about techniques – but about principles of movement. It’s about an understanding of being and how the body moves and works that makes our movement work – the techniques are just the form that the movement takes when in any given situation. So, with that said, I am hoping to actually define what these “Principles” are that we are talking about. Lets start with the basics; What is Taijutsu: Taijutsu translated is “Skill with the Body”.
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  1. Petrocks fod says:

    Awsome video man!!! I learnt Daken Tai jutsu before and this is spot on :D
    Saved your page and will watch more of your vidz. J

  2. Guillaume F says:

    ToShindDo is great :D

  3. karim1950 says:

    Evidently you have no concept of “Teaching Methods”,be for real!

  4. MichaelDescado says:

    Taijutsu: for when your attacker throws one punch and freezes.

  5. Shiva Abhinavagupta says:

    Master Karim, Just curious, Do you teach Kuji Kiri along with the other aspects of Ninjutsu ? Great videos thanks for teaching.

  6. Jeremiah B says:

    keep looking I like ToShinDo

  7. tubosolinas says:

    I think Master Karim here beside taijutsu talks about some form of mushin.
    As for the transformation of the negative energy to positive it reminds me some teachings of O’sensei Ueshiba.Greetings from Greece.Keep up the good work!

  8. daboodeef179 says:

    i love karate and i want to get into ninjutsu but there are no dojos near my house.

  9. fard ali says:

    GM Karim u have done the art of the ninja so long it u.

  10. Антон Монахов says:


  11. DTGtaihojutsu says:

    part 3- a goal oriented person can keep going. Sorry for all the comments but I like to comment as I am watching and listening to the video . Seizing the arm for locks very well done. Thank you Sensei for sharing with us. Two thumbs up and favourited. The explanation of deadly force and appropriate force top notch. I have had my nose broken so many times requiring surgery , the nose broken hurts but the tears come hard not from crying but from the sinuses being disrupted. Loved it. Thank you.

  12. DTGtaihojutsu says:

    part 2- Grandmaster Ali I have always been a Karate man but as I get older I am more fascinated by natural body movement and I really like how you explain how the arms can naturally be raised as opposed to a static upper block. Your block and strike at the same time is economy of motion. Now I still love Karate but can always adapt my techniques by learning from people such as yourself to make them even better. I am a big believer in taking the arms out of commission.

  13. DTGtaihojutsu says:

    Grandmaster Ali , I really enjoyed this video you mentioned a block is a strike a very good point. . Your explanation of movement outstanding. The transition from calm to controlled aggression I enjoyed hearing that. This was like watching a free seminar and I enjoyed every minute of it. I emailed O’Sensei Duncan and told him how much I respect him and told him I watch your vids and Allie Alberigos on you tube. He always emails me back and is such a nice man.

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