The most common Edged weapon angles of attack

Here is detailed breakdown of the three major angles used in GrandMaster Bram Franks Modular Blade Craft.It also is a explanation as to why we use these angles,due to the fact that we have collected enough data to show us the right hand repeated stabber will be the most consistant attack.Angle one is dealt with here.Angle three and thrusting angle 6 will be explained in further videos.

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    just do your man

  2. StrongManTank says:

    your well come

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    @StrongManTank Thankyou:)

  4. warriorofhonor says:

    @walking1way :)

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    @walking1way he’s good i learned alot

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    hack chop blocks that are also strikes, and constant movement! these are great necessities when it is necessary

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