The Martial Art Principle of Striking together

The Principle of the Timing of Striking Together (Coming or flowing or striking together, meeting, or gathering at one point) “Let the opponent think that they have won just before you defeat them”. As an example of this the strategy of the timing of Striking together, to Strike together in the same instant or in the same timing. You finish your attack/Defence at the same time as the opponent is (seeing / feeling that) he is going to strike you. Though you have moved in the process and he attacks empty space, As an opponent tries to strike you, you attack him after he commences his attack and you finish your attack in the same timing as he completes his attack, in other words you start after and arrive with him.

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    1. hidro54011 says:

      It is very clear with the explanation of shake hands. Thank you very much.

    2. wazdz says:

      nice video

    3. danielskipp1 says:

      Real fine facial haircut, fella!
      I will recommend the book to all n sundry.

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