THE INFO WARRIOR with Jason Bermas 2/2:Supreme Court Rules” No More Miranda Rights!!”

A Supreme Injustice! by Jason The supreme court announced today in a WWE style 5-4 vote that police may interrogate you without a lawyer present The US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that police, under certain circumstances, can initiate an interrogation of a suspect without the defendants lawyer being present.

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    25 Responses to “THE INFO WARRIOR with Jason Bermas 2/2:Supreme Court Rules” No More Miranda Rights!!””

    1. Jai666666666 says:

      You forgot the law that gives the right to assassinate American people, why? Too scary? If you are in a country that brakes all the ten commandments…, demons in hell? I like buffets like the next guy, 3.95$ all you can eat, but laws that grant murder? Monsanto GMO monster plants for the world?Talk is cheap, but in hell, you do as the demons even by wiping your ass with WalMart toilet paper feeding the beast it’s all American Federal Bank dollars. Paying a whore for sex doesn’t give you rights!

    2. 56LC says:

      We do, when the time comes we will be more ready than anyone thinks. By the way the entrampment of Muslims, is very sadly common. Down here, they tried it against the “Opalocka 7″. They continued pushing for a result in 3 trials until all individuals were aquictted or found guilty.

    3. anutarasamyat says:

      you’re such a whiner … Rebel Fleecer.

    4. mukkohaha says:

      you cant do shit about this stuff.
      if you stand up Protesting with Banners and stuff, your allready labeled as Crasy Conspiracy Theorist, If its taken further and your gonna charge the white house, or a Violent protest, your gonna be Labeld as Insane Conspriracy Theroist, i have thought all the Mechanisms through,
      We have no chance, they have the power, they have mindcontroled The broad Mainstream, its all a Grand plan, witch involves alot more then just goverment

    5. 192012devo says:

      Zeitgeist Addendum will go down as the film of our age and this moron will only be remembered as a fear mongering elite puppet who tried stir civil unrest so that a military dictatorship could be instituted. Don’t let this asshole scare you he’s trying to make you believe that they are still in control. Information is more free than ever before and a shift in consciousness is about to take place on a scale never before seen in human history. BE EXCITED NOT FEARFUL CHANGE IS NEAR!

    6. mystikast says:

      i love jason haha

      “they couldnt even get guns”

    7. 9Silent0Harmony2 says:

      Yea thats all they are doing is talking. Keep watching them talk about the control factor and do not provide a solution to this problem that unites all of us aware, conscious poeple, What if any are your ideas on how to end world poverty?

    8. cstorvold says:


    9. sweettina2 says:

      Dont get discouraged Jason, keep fightin the good fight.

    10. sweettina2 says:


      MANY people ARE doing something about it!!!
      Go watch tv, the grown-ups are talking

    11. sweettina2 says:

      right on dixiegirl, thats exactly what it is

    12. airraideagle says:

      The NWO elites need to be fucking MURDERED, killed, slaughtered.. Because it’s either US, or them.

      Fucking scum. Fucking cunts

    13. Ghaztoir says:

      Evade em, what else? When they come for you, they’ll have overwhelming firepower. You won’t be warned unless you set up a security system.

    14. TomaCukor says:

      gas chambers are nothing compared to wat the NWO is going to break loose , believe me friend

    15. gunthaarz says:

      “An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”
      - – Thomas Paine 1776

    16. dixiegirl999 says:

      As the Bible says, I believe the coming new currency worldwide will be the Mark of the Beast. Get ready because many of us will not accept it which will take away our buying power.

    17. volumedealer1 says:

      I!Q! LEVEL! OF ! A! RETARD!

    18. TurkishPoltergeist69 says:

      Agreed dude.

    19. 9Silent0Harmony2 says:

      PUSSIES! all Yall reporters who are angry I think are puppets. Stop talking to us about what is happening and what they do! What are we doing to prevent this? Are we coming together or still just watching this shit, beat their system or start our own? See yall in the woods…

    20. gsus7125 says:

      Bush Jr and Bush Sr’s names in Skull & Bones were Gog and Magog huh? Jeez either way biblical prophecy will come true, whether predestined or just because these crazy satanist faggots BECOME the figures in the prophecy and willingly carry it out. Damn satanists bastards.

    21. DjVERSE303 says:

      it does , now would you rather rot in prison, get tortured, then get your head cut off with actual sword or guillotine, rather get shot ? ill take the bullet!. all in all let Gods will be done not mine , and i dont think god wants us to give in to the anti christ right? in jesus’s name i will die for, not give in to the one world government system (which will be ran by the anti-christ) ,i want to spend eternity with my savior not in fire away from him. what would you do if they tried to take u ?

    22. Ghaztoir says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking about though. How do you know when is the right time to take some1 else’s life?

      And is it not said in revelations, “all those who pick up the sword shall fall by the sword’?

    23. jckjti49 says:

      Your dollars will soon be worthless. Prepare for hyperinflation now. Signup for the free NIA newsletter at: Inflation . us

    24. DjVERSE303 says:

      look all im saying is im not going to die because i dont choose to take the mark of the beast, im going to die being a soldier, a soldier who trusts in my lord Jesus Christ, we will all go through tribulation and you can go ahead and be led like cows to the slaughter house if you want to, but my family and myself are not. 40 cal. yes and 45 xd just so you know, they have to ramsaack my house first right ? well when that happens at least one of them satan tools will lose their life

    25. Ghaztoir says:

      oh, a 40 cal huh? That’s some scary firepower. It’s absolutely terrifying in the hands of an expert sniper. I’m sure the SWAT Nazis are going to be really polite though, and text you their dynamic entry timeline. Yeah, I’m sure you’ve got your shit squared away and ready, yessuh!


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