THE INFO WARRIOR with Jason Bermas 1/2:Supreme Court Rules” No More Miranda Rights!!”

A Supreme Injustice! by Jason The supreme court announced today in a WWE style 5-4 vote that police may interrogate you without a lawyer present The US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that police, under certain circumstances, can initiate an interrogation of a suspect without the defendants lawyer being present.

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    25 Responses to “THE INFO WARRIOR with Jason Bermas 1/2:Supreme Court Rules” No More Miranda Rights!!””

    1. luchador1764 says:

      The only thing that isn’t legit about Jason Bermas is the fact that he wears Affliction clothes all the time.

    2. bERTRANDTUBE says:

      If he leaves the USA, we don’t want him in Belgium. We welcome all nationalities except citizens of Loose Change Knobhead Country. You need a testosteron control course Bermas or you’re heart will fail before you reach 40.

    3. voodooiam says:

      @BeerDrinkersParty lol

    4. proverb311031 says:

      Sure there are and they just gave away the voice of the people to the companies and corporations. Soon our Senators, and Representatives will be directly on the payrolls of those businesses, along with the Court. Soon they will demand a drop in everyone wages, increased work hours no overtime, and if we do not the markets will crash, banks will shutdown, and fire us for foreign workers. We will be in a “Brave New World” just like Aldous Leonard Huxley predicted, forced to buy their goods!

    5. mainsqueeze1977 says:

      This should be a no-brainer. Sure, the police can question you without a lawyer. This has nothing to do with right to remain silent, indefinite detention, the ban on torture or wrestling.
      And BTW, there are not 5 conservative judges on the supreme court.

    6. intruda11 says:

      jaso bermas is a stupid douchebag, he doesnt understand logic, physics the scientific method, and by no means does he adhere to the truth. He manipulates information, takes thigs out of context, doesnt understnd similies, and ignores facts and abundant evidence from all the people´╗┐ who actually spent years studying whats going on. I bet hes never even read the 911 comission report. If he did and still believes what hes saying, then he must be a fucking idiot or a fraud, or paranoid/psychotic

    7. BeerDrinkersParty says:

      LEAVE THEN!!!! You said you want out. Where do you wanna go I’ll buy the ticket for you. Oh and about that gap in your teeth does alex jones stick his cock in that when you suck him off

    8. BeerDrinkersParty says:

      Jason Bermas….The InfoHOMO. Get that gap in your teeth fixed loser. Or do you think that the gov’t is gonna have the dentist plant a chip in your mouth. Fear mongering little pussy.

    9. wylie2525 says:

      our representatives are all freemasons jews attorneys rich famous….we thepeople are their slaves
      …god will destroy them….a grand jubilee is here

    10. MopDMTBARTL says:

      The Vatican-Pope-Jesuits-illuminati run the world. they have all the judges, attorneys, doctors, major corporations, etc. all in their back pocket. bought & paid for, etc. our country is no longer FREE -we live in tyranny! truth an obscure thing, Oppression & lie is the norm. Were all SLAVES- our masters, the elite, r at least 50 years ahead of us in knowledge, technology, info., secrets & r using all of it AGAINST US!

      Go here:
      truthknowledge. com

      Spread it! Time is running out!

    11. TheKingofSD619 says:

      This is all true. I didnt believe it at first, but when my friend who was innoect was arrested, he didn’t get any Miranda rights, a 24 hour holding, and question without lawyer present. THIS IS READY!!!!! You have been warned

    12. INTENTIONPEACE says:


    13. TheOldHickory says:

      i got a winch on my atv i can probably pull the gap in you teeth together

    14. TheOldHickory says:

      9/11 was an inside jobby job bitch

    15. madJedi1 says:

      hey at least americans have got SOME rights left on their constitution…. in UK we havent got one at all!! and guns and weapons been banned here for years…we are MUCH further into the shit in UK than america are… we are only 1 or 2 moves away from communist ‘police state’ china!!! sick

    16. 1245678987 says:

      HOW TO TELL PEOPLE OF THESE THINGS: post go research your rights that are being taken away every day, WAKE UP ALREADY YOU MORONIC AMERICANS

    17. saberliner14 says:

      i like this dude alot more then alex

    18. badattitude77769 says:

      “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”-Donald Rumsfeld

    19. TheTardass says:

      Who the hell appointed this bucktoothed, inbred retard spokesman? I see he had to leave Avery at home….before Avery admitted to making dubious claims and reaching conclusions that aren’t backed up by any facts in their loose change videos. Poor Avery– Loose change was his work of fiction and this candy ass is getting all of the attention. LOL!

    20. TheFlex21 says:

      zionazi cockroach

    21. 192012devo says:

      Zeitgeist Addendum will go down as the film of our age and this moron will only be remembered as a fear mongering elite puppet who tried stir civil unrest so that a military dictatorship could be instituted. Don’t let this asshole scare you he’s trying to make you believe that they are still in control. Information is more free than ever before and a shift in consciousness is about to take place on a scale never before seen in human history. BE EXCITED NOT FEARFUL CHANGE IS NEAR!

    22. Surakon58 says:

      Next will be “water boarding” that will get you to admit to terrorism and/or murder, then they will execute you, they will prolly put you in a cage and shoot you in the head and charge your family for the cartridge….sound familiar?

    23. Malikicowtipper says:

      The decision sucks by the supreme court and will most likey not last long, but really this guy is a horrible informer. I could only make it through about 2 min of his crap about people having their head bashed into tables and police brutality.

    24. blttomato says:

      He may/may not be an ass, but he doesn’t have to be a flippin rocket scientist to make the claim that the ptb way the f out of control! His disgust is well placed on a people that need a swift kick in the nuts!

    25. jmjfanss says:

      This is a disaster.

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