The Best Krav Maga Trainer! – Roy Elghanayan _www.KravMagaLA.com_____310-650-0060 Call 310-650-0060 Witness Roy Elghanayan, Israeli Special Forces top Krav Maga instructor, demonstrate his expertise in Krav Maga and Israeli Ju-Jitsu to his entire unit of elite soldiers in training and the highest ranked military personnel. Roy Elghanayan trains in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Culver City. To Contact us: 310.650.0060

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26 Responses to “The Best Krav Maga Trainer! – Roy Elghanayan _www.KravMagaLA.com_____310-650-0060”

  1. Hang Push says:

    Guy in front of me is surfing porn on his iPhone. My Moms going ‘OMG’

  2. EnniosVox says:

    long live idf. the most powerful thing on the world. jews are great

  3. minasz says:

    I like this video! This guy is really good!

  4. divinegod102 says:


  5. 1ofthose5westys says:

    dude ofcourse they might get a few bruises plus i do jujitsu and the blackbelts go pretty hard on us too and his not gonna show it pussilly his gonna show it properly

  6. thelberg1962 says:

    That was awesome – just awesome!

  7. aztaclalz says:

    They’re just dummies anyway, Throw him in a ring with Anderson Silva. Pssh

  8. endiaz06 says:

    @ila6435 lmao!

  9. jkwon761 says:

    the guy looks like morpheus in some of the clips lol

  10. Alos21 says:

    @whiteasasheet mma fighter then,great !…I am the same,Boxing for 10 years and purple belt in BJJ,in my opinion best combination! keep on training mate and fuck those TMA “artists”

  11. whiteasasheet says:

    @Alos21 nope train thai, standard boxing, ju jistu and street defence yourself

  12. Alos21 says:

    @whiteasasheet now that I dont understand….I guess you are training this shit!

  13. whiteasasheet says:

    @Alos21 hed pull you apart you nugget

  14. Alos21 says:

    @whiteasasheet I dont do gay

  15. whiteasasheet says:

    @Alos21 get one up loaded then dancing queen

  16. Alos21 says:

    this is awsome self defence if the zombies take over the world,otherwise it can work against a retard or a midget…maybe a woman!
    all the attacks are non realistic and linear,defence blows are weak and unafective and submissions just plain suck ass!
    I was not impressed by your performance!

  17. xSheepz says:

    @VannevarBush – xD

  18. VannevarBush says:

    Yeah ..truth is funny as shit!

  19. eLLD3 says:

    @whiteasasheet ok man that’s your opinion, good day to you.

  20. MrMRWINDMASTER says:

    @PMate0011 Krav Maga

  21. xSheepz says:

    @VannevarBush – LOL epic! i like that.

  22. vlps5122 says:

    thumbs up if u think Jason Bourne is a badass

  23. VannevarBush says:


    SPOILER ALERT: Jesus was Palestinian

  24. ZabuzaSOULESS says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, this is awsome! I wanna learn.

  25. whiteasasheet says:

    @drew2pac i graplping works up the heart rate but it frustrating dont take it to serious and just have fun dont let anybody take advantage in the gym cos theres plenty of people like that and roll around with people of different weight its totally different if you can learn to use it weight against people

  26. drew2pac says:

    @whiteasasheet hey cheers for the reply dude. i am glad o ear that, on reaon ihave neverdone martial arts is i thing is can be pretty useless in a real close quarter fight. i think i will enjoy this. i am dongit mainly for fitness, as i have just quit smoking- and from what i hear the sessions are pretty intense

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