Terror Warning: Avoid Mock Terrorism Drills When You Travel Abroad!

Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US ~ Intelligence agencies — legendary for staging numerous false flag attacks — are warning that Osama bin Laden has issued instructions for Mumbai-style attack on three European targets… Earlier in the week US officials issued a warning that Osama and crew would strike once again. The new plot, emerging suspiciously close to US mid-term elections and coinciding with the Pentagon’s illegal murder campaign in Pakistan, is said to “credible but non-specific.” The new plot was supposedly revealed by a suspect undergoing “interrogation” at the Bagram torture facility in Afghanistan. “Investigators believe al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden signed off on a European attack plan, a separate law enforcement source said. But US and international officials say they have seen no sign of an imminent attack,” CNN reported on September 29. Full Story at www.infowars.com — “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson Time For A New American Revolution? ♥☠✿☮❀☠✿☮❀☠✿♥❀☠✿☮❀☠ RevolutionNews.US ☠✿☮❀☠✿☮❀☠✿♥

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    10 Responses to “Terror Warning: Avoid Mock Terrorism Drills When You Travel Abroad!”

    1. imigrantpunk says:

      guys, is there a way to find out when are they doing these drills? sounds like it may be useful information :)

    2. jhunted7667 says:

      @jfarris4417 thats not funny , I’m scared enough not knowing what to expect when the bell rings toooooo much shit going on right now


      @reggaedirect2010 Right on brother! EVERYONE KNOWS the truth now. This video is great, it exposes obvious discrepencies, all the flaws & lies the public have been told over & over again. While the real guilty satanic cult criminals in Mainstream media continue to plot & cover- up more big money murder scams by faking terror attacks against defenceless people, & framing more innocent to take the punishment. It’s beyond evil. Someone Investigate & Arrest these evil people before they kill again!

    4. mispistoleros says:

      LOL..good title, rev.

      it’s probably in poor taste to draw attention to condie’s quivering voice as she says “slammed into”…

    5. reggaedirect2010 says:

      @BOYCOTTTHEBEASTTV respect sister ur right blessings comment


      Trace the steps to the private companies who organised the mock drills & you will find the criminal network guilty of these heinous crimes. I witnessed everything that occurred with 77 attacks, and make no mistake it was done by criminals operating a nasty crime ring in British Mainstream media, then quickly staged the scripted fabricted lies to cover it up via international manstream networks. This media based crime ring must be investigated & shut down before they attack again.

    7. abe2517 says:

      Good up bro – in the faves.

    8. oldwarhorse1865 says:

      @StarveTheSystem Your God Damn Right!!!
      Death before dishonor!!!

    9. StarveTheSystem says:

      We all know who the boogeymen are.
      Time to shut these murdrering scum down.

    10. jfarris4417 says:

      Bin Laden is back!
      And just in time for Halloween.

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