Tai Chi ~ Blindfolded Self Defence 101 with Ian Sinclair

www.taichicentral.com Another Blindfolded demo by Ian Sinclair, This time from a 2004 Canada Day demo in Orillia

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    25 Responses to “Tai Chi ~ Blindfolded Self Defence 101 with Ian Sinclair”

    1. TheM3ducation says:

      try punching him , not the air around him

    2. wingchun91 says:

      my sifu is as good as him but wing chun style

    3. TheZhongzheng says:

      Great Tin Jing.

    4. lucidmist says:

      Ok, makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for replying man.. it’s actually people like you that makes CMAs worth training for.

      If only you come to Singapore!

      Take care!

    5. taijiman7777 says:

      I’m a huge fan of Adam Chan. (The martial artist from Vancouver). Chan Laoshi is one of the best practical fighters of his generation. His style is probably closest to JKD. But he has, out of respect, resisted calling it that.
      He has videos on youtube – user/adamchan1 – But it is difficult to understand what he is doing just by watching. His book is called “Climbing Mountains and Eating Punches”

    6. taijiman7777 says:

      The Blindfold method is actually a training method in itself. It teaches one to clear the mind and read intent. There are other exercises which help. zhan zhuang, tai chi, some esoteric qigong methods which I can’t discuss here, and specific “realistic” sparring drills.
      You must learn to tell the difference between a fist and a punch.
      Watch Anderson Silva for an example of someone who can read and manipulate intent well in the ring.

    7. taijiman7777 says:

      Good question.
      I’m in my mid-forties, and certainly not in competition shape. It would take at least a year and a lot of money to convince me to step into the ring with some of the fighters who are out there these days. I think I would do alright if I were 15 years younger and knew what I know now.
      It’s not just the fight , its the training. I don’t recover as quickly as I used to.
      That said, MMA isn’t really that different from the way we used to train.

    8. taijiman7777 says:

      There are many qualified teachers in the USA, and all over the world. But students from other countries do come here to train full-time with me in Orillia. Accommodation can be arranged in local hotels, B&B’s, or billeting.
      Some students visit for a day or two, while others stay for several months.

    9. lucidmist says:

      Champ! Just curious, do you think you will do well in MMA or UFC? Not knocking around, really really want to know.

    10. lopda888 says:

      very inpressive!

    11. lopda888 says:

      How do you train for this kind of blind fold technique?

    12. NammerBoi220 says:

      hey do you know adam chan the one that teaches jkd or in his words modified wing chun?

    13. legggomyego says:

      Is there any way for an American to come to Canada to study with you?

      If not, do you know of any other qualified teachers like yourself in the United States?

    14. taijiman7777 says:

      Thank you for your very kind words.

      I teach Tai Chi, Qigong, and neijia wushu (taijiquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang) in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

      I have had many teachers. My main teachers are Shouyu Liang and Sam Masich.

    15. thor7600 says:

      Amazing. what do you teach, where is your school and who trained you? Great skills.

    16. taijiman7777 says:

      I have been training for over 27 years. But students can start to read intent blindfolded in about 3 months with proper training (assuming that they have some good basics.)

    17. VinuraVinura says:

      wow thats awesome

    18. hamacanrana says:

      I trained with Ian in Vancouver. I wish I could find another tai chi instructor like him here.

    19. christopher1243 says:

      bruce lee had a sixth sense he knew what u would do before u did it thats why he was brilliant i train in his jeet kune do plus filipino-kali and muay-thai taijiman7777 is this u demonstrating it blinfolded

    20. ExplosiveFist says:

      Thank you for the kind & detailed reply. I understand what it is you are trying to show. It is a shame they missed out the explanation at the beginning whilst filming the demo.

    21. taijiman7777 says:

      The difficulty is in distinguishing between the pure authentic construction of reality, and the other constructions of the subconscious mind that come from memory and other aspects of our personality. This would suggest to me that there is something other than our “ordinary” senses at work here. I know what it feels like. But I would not attempt to give it a name.

    22. taijiman7777 says:

      …The input from our various senses (sight, touch, sound, smells, and even taste) are processed by the subconscious mind and presented to the conscious mind as images, sounds, feelings, etc. If we can calm the mind through meditation and learn through experience to discern the true meaning of these constructed sensations, then we can respond to them intelligently….

    23. taijiman7777 says:

      ….How is this possible? Sometimes one can develop the equivalent of a sixth sense by combining the other 5. Our ears may be sensitive enough to hear an ant crawling on the ground next to us. But the other noises in our head and the thoughts in our minds may prevent our conscious awareness of it.

    24. taijiman7777 says:

      Hopefully I can better explain what is happening here. The attacker comes in with a real attack. He must intend to hit the defender (me). I attempt to relax my body and clear my mind so that I can sense the attack and respond to it appropriately. It should not matter if it is a punch, kick, throw, or other type of attack. I should be able to sense it clearly if the intent is clear.

    25. taijiman7777 says:

      It is the defender who is wearing the blindfold, not the attacker.
      In my experience, it is quite possible for a blindfolded person to defeat a sighted person. This is not intended to be a demonstration of the “supernatural.” There was a preamble to this demo explaining what was happening. Unfortunately the explanation seems to have been of no interest to the people who taped the demo.

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