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FBI Training Video: Stay Alert, Stay Alive (Part 1)

Watch the full film: The FBI Academy, located in Quantico, Virginia, is the training grounds for new Special Agents of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was first opened for use in 1972 on 385 acres (1.6 kmĀ²) of woodland. It is a relatively small government academy, housing three dormitory buildings and […] Read More...

The Colony – Self Defense

Tuesdays @ 10pm E/P on Discovery New to The Colony? Watch how the Colonists build back: Learning self-defense techniques.Blogs of InterestSIFR flash var wmode TransparencyCommentary » Blog Archive » Sarah Palin’s Certain Type of GeniusCode Monkey Ramblings » Movable Type News Q3param name=’wmode’ value=’transparent’ not working in IE7/8 & fire fox | The Largest […] Read More...

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