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How to Use Pressure Points to Defend Against Knife Threats: Combative Kyusho

Available from the Professional Action Library: he market is filled with self-defense DVDs, and many of them are quite good. But most of these videos were designed for a specific audience. For their self-defense applications to work, you have to be in good physical shape, well trained in fighting techniques, and able to implement […] Read More...

H2H Tactics – Kapap – Combatives

A quick look at our weekly combative classes in Oz. Check out for more info.Blogs of InterestNokia C3 Touch and Type LaunchedCato Unbound » Blog Archive » Seeing Like a Movie Mogulparam name=’wmode’ value=’transparent’ not working in IE7/8 & fire fox | The Largest Forum Archivethe culture vulture » I Value the Arts – […] Read More...

This is Kapap

This is Kapap under founder Lt. Colonel Chaim Peer. Many thanks and respect to Avi Nardia and all the brothers and sisters of Kapap worldwide.Blogs of InterestVampires Suck Movie Review | Shockya.comLA Times Value-Added Release – Problems and Solutions « The Quick and the EdSIFR flash var wmode TransparencyBruceClay – SEO Value of Social Media […] Read More...

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