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Kelly Phillips Interviewing IM5

hi everyone! I interviewed and hung out and interview my friends IM5! We had a lot of fun and make sure you comment all the things we said! My Twitter:… Get the Best Interview Method: Focused Interviewing Read More...

LA Noire Gameplay Series #2: Investigation and Interrogation

Part Two of LA Noire Gameplay Video Series Title: Investigation and Interrogation The latest in our series of in-depth gameplay videos for LA Noire, “Investigation and Interrogation” focuses on two of the crucial skills of any good detective. Comprised entirely of in-game footage, this video reveals how players will search crime scenes, interact with possible […] Read More...

[ Leak Spin] WikiLeaks Iraq Torture Log

Blogs of InterestAdopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software « SRC Tech SpeakJeremy Clarkson Beatboxswissmiss | Type Directors Club Competition Read More...

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