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BUDDY COPS: The Interrogation

“Cop Out” Now playing in theaters! Buddy Cops Obrien and Omalley in an interrogation! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE BUDDY COPS ON THEIR DAY OFF Starring: KassemG as O’Brien ShayCarl as O’Malley LisaNova as The Chief thebdonski as The Suspect Directed by Michael Gallagher Written by The Fine Brothers […] Read More...

How To Interrogate Kobin The Best Way!

I may have pressed “C” to fast, something the game didn’t expect…Blogs of InterestList of WMode related bugs – Please vote « judah's blog[WIN/SRC] PS3 Multi Tool | PS3 HacksSwarm of XeBees » Flex: The wmode nightmare!! – Some workarounds Read More...

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