Tactical Training, extreme close quarter shooting, tactical Knife

Tactical Training for Law Enforcement, Military, Security Personal. The clip shows Tactical Baton, blade and lots of extreme close quarte shooting

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25 Responses to “Tactical Training, extreme close quarter shooting, tactical Knife”

  1. buddbasset says:

    Wow. This is amazing! Do you have a site that displays all the things you guys have done? amazing techniques, bravo!

  2. MASTERNCS says:

    great vid. very practical applications shown for real life close quarter firearm situation to show force and live to talk about. ROCK ON mates…

  3. LLschoolJ2 says:

    i wish i could fight like this it would realy do me some good

  4. commonsense369 says:

    Great video, thanks for posting. Just curious, why do some participants faces in the video need to be blocked out?

  5. MoreButterMOREBUTTER says:

    u know germans always make good stuff

  6. RockGIV says:

    @riotztarter Wow, Those sound like some pretty useless cops to me.

  7. riotztarter says:

    this is kind of useless in norway because the cops aint allowed to use guns. but i liked the night stick moves

  8. Sergeantkeys says:

    That is extreme training. I think a lot of police forces should learn such things ( the less lethal versions) I would definitely feel safer. The military would benefit from that too !

  9. MrLoner345 says:

    67people hate polices

  10. vaginawarden says:

    Ive got a cool tactiacal vid

  11. SixbulletRussianRoul says:

    2:36 hahaha

  12. pyro872005 says:

    @3:08 He went gangsta style on that target :D

  13. ps2player41 says:

    i didnt know that all ganstas went to this facility?

  14. li070054 says:

    The nerd with the glasses is good

  15. bluetseel says:

    wow that was awesome is there a dvd i can buy because i don’t live in germany or switzerland

  16. autoclave1234 says:

    hi sir! r u using the filipino martial art kali,eskrima or arnis? im a filipino and ive noticed the strokes of ur empty hand,baton and knives look the same in wat we praktis hir in the philippines.our martial art is mainly on sticks,empty hand and knives. r u from germany?ive recently known that arnis is famous in germany also…

  17. THarrisson says:

    two possibilities
    1 Covering the head for close quarter combat situations, reasoning, protect your cranium.If you pull out your gun and someone gives you a concussion you are even more behind the power curve.Notice that he palm strikes first then retracts to cover his hand – CQC
    2.Some institutions still preach teaching people to place the non-firing side hand onto the head when presenting the firearm to prevent shooting their own hand(not a preferred method, fairly uncommon)

  18. mylsb says:

    wow man u look like a real life steven seagal…

  19. hagalazronin says:

    Sieht echt interessant aus, dass einzige was ich nicht versteh ist:
    Warum die Schusswaffe so schräg halten? Soll das Zielen aus verschiedenen Positionen trainiert werden oder ist das einfach Situationsbedingt weil auf die kurze Entfernung eh nur Deutschießen statt findet?

  20. dhapper says:

    CQC te best form of combat… Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon..

  21. ChrisKsan says:

    As far as I noticed most of the techniques shown here seem to be war techniques with a lethal solution for close range combat. Although there are non-lethal techniques that can be highly effective. I do agree that in some situations also shown here, unfortunately the only option left is lethal solution, there are a lot of other situations where non-lethal could be employed.
    LAHNERTactical, can you explain please? Thank you.

  22. LAHNERTactical says:

    @joemackinho :
    Sir, part of this is filmed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria….
    Stay Safe

  23. LAHNERTactical says:

    @chantakzee :
    You are right, Sir.
    That is just one of many possibilities what you might need to do with your reaction side hand. You might hit, cover, hold something or someone…does not matter.
    I just do not want people to draw ONLY and nothing else all of the time.
    Stay Safe

  24. LAHNERTactical says:

    @utrinque3NDparatus :
    Thank you.

  25. LAHNERTactical says:

    @ccborden870 :
    Thank you, Sir. Yes, it is airsoft without BBs and a taped slidelock.
    I do not care wether it is a toy. It helps to transfer life-fire drills to partner training.
    Stay Safe

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