A few more tactical folding knives… Benchmade Skirmish-Limited Edition Spyderco Chinook II SOG Trident Benchmade AFO-automatic Emerson CQC-7 (oldie but goodie) Emerson Karambit Spyderco Endura Emerson Raven CRKT M4-13 w/Tom Veff patented serrations Background; Cobray Mac-11(9mm) w/4 spare mags

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    • more TACTICAL FIGHTING KNIVES II ~ more Folders...

    25 Responses to “TACTICAL FIGHTING KNIVES II ~ more Folders…”

    1. HELLZZARMY says:

      @tylerdurden1971 …nope.

    2. tylerdurden1971 says:

      do You have a avid of You shooting that gun? thats the shit right there

    3. PEREZCHOOCH says:

      Very nice blades!

    4. cyanleopard says:

      As always JT you have some wonderful weapons to show us, that skirmish is a beast and would love to have one for my pocket.

    5. HELLZZARMY says:

      @QuietStormSiR …I believe they have Spyderco’s permission (contract) and/or pay royalties for using that copyrighted design element.

    6. HELLZZARMY says:

      @MrJiffyPop100 …I have two!

    7. datgv1 says:

      are this thing part of your edc?? ^^

    8. 7hippocrates says:

      you own some serious knives man. good job on the collection.

    9. 7hippocrates says:

      you own some serious knives man. good job on the collection

    10. fireiron123 says:

      what are the pros and cons of cold steel?

    11. MrJiffyPop100 says:

      dude check out the spyderco military. a little more expensive than the endura but imo its worth it.

    12. QuietStormSiR says:

      Don’t get me wrong ! I like bench made for their butterfly knives. I have a few of them myself !! but I frown about on their action of copying that spyderco hole design !

    13. CHOSEN7X7 says:

      @HELLZZARMY Protech’s are outstanding and expensive, I got a PR3- 5″ auto $200 and a limited edition TR4 – 5″ auto $220. I think you would enjoy both, designed for big hands. Keep em comin’

    14. litematter says:

      Nice knives but that Evanescence song makes my ears bleed >.<. I like alot of their music but had to mute that one.

    15. HELLZZARMY says:

      @CHOSEN7X7 …don’t own any Protechs been wanting one. That TR3 looks good reminds me of the Bradley Alias I and that HK auto i recently did a video on.

      should be a good knife.

    16. CHOSEN7X7 says:

      Hey JT!!! What do you think about the ProTech tr3 ?

    17. fredwreckless says:

      mac 11 looks beutiful

    18. haloshit12345 says:

      Holy fuck I need those knives

    19. haloshit12345 says:

      Holy fuck I need those knives

    20. Tony16610 says:

      Those Emersons are beautiful! You are a lucky man!

    21. dani3lru1z says:

      my fav is the one with the stripes on the blade

    22. tremendousmoss says:

      I have the same gun! =D

    23. Supermassively says:

      Ugh, I FINALLY found the CRKT M4-03 yesterday and ordered it, and thought “Wow, this looks like it’s discontinued because nobody has it…”.

      Well, I wake up this morning and check my e-mail, and I get a message from the ONE company that claimed to have the knife saying “This item has been discontinued and is not available. We can sell you the serrated version.”

      THANKS, MORONS. I hate partially serrated knives. I don’t know if it’s even worth it at this point.

    24. wjkernaghan says:

      would you be interested in trading your benchmade skirmish for my Fox USA Elishwitz Damascus Linerlock Pocket Knife

    25. DD7n says:

      how much do u think ur whole collection of knives, guns, everything cost?

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