SWAT Training week 11

General Fitness Training/Training for the 2008 CT SWAT Challenge. See More SWAT Training info: www.optimalswat.com

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    25 Responses to “SWAT Training week 11”


      Woa…did these guys have to have SAPI plates in their vests or just kevlar-weave/soft-armor when they did the pull-ups? That’s some high-speed Ranger type shit there.

    2. moosedawn1 says:

      @pcsbyte that sounds easy

    3. moosedawn1 says:

      wow i want to go to that

    4. 9SoulFire9 says:

      This training is hardcore deffintly with the pull ups and rope climbs in full armour.



      It’s not easy, that’s for damn sure…



      .40, and a few .45s.

    7. animallover4ever100 says:

      @15bbridges 32 pounds thats what i read

    8. animallover4ever100 says:

      @15bbridges 32 pounds

    9. skulls704 says:

      The body armor is about 18 pounds, the helmet is about 4-5 pounds, the gun/holster set up is about 6 pounds, boots, fatigues and shirt will add about another 9 pounds or so. So you are looking at about 35-40 pounds extra weight. Fully outfitted, a typical SWAT officer will have about 60 pounds on him with all the other protective gear and rifle.

    10. 15bbridges says:

      How much does all armor and equipment weigh all together?

    11. Xxfusioncore says:

      It depends on the penetration son.

    12. wearwolf145 says:

      ill be using m4a1 or m16

    13. MAlford65 says:

      Oh man, I would be using my Springfield XD .45 ACP. I love that gun.

    14. pcsbyte says:

      drag At least 250 pounds

    15. trainwreckmetal says:

      Creed: Torn

    16. DKtrecour says:

      9 mm and .45 acp

    17. 1234norse says:

      ahhhh shit doin 10 chin ups in full armor thathad to suck

    18. deatnknight says:

      What caliber and models? And what department are these guys in?


      AFOSvideos, which song, the intro or the following song? She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult is the song that follows the intro music.

    20. AFOSvideos says:

      Name of the first song? :)

    21. krisz123 says:

      they are the BEST!!!!!!!!!

    22. orangejump11 says:



      Side arms are generally Glocks and Sigs.

    24. masshole233 says:


    25. pitbullman411 says:

      what sidearm are yall shooting there

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