Supplement to the Tracy Mclaughlin Interview – Police Recording Leaving Orlando

All the details are not clear about this recording but it appears to have been taken by police (possibly at the airport) when Ms. Mclaughlin, Leonard Padilla and crew were leaving Orlando to return home to Sacramento, California. The purpose of the recording is also unclear; we surmise that police wanted to capture any other details about Casey and the Anthony’s that Tracy might have remembered at this time. The audio is difficult to hear at times but we know many followers of the case appreciate any information like this that is available.

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    16 Responses to “Supplement to the Tracy Mclaughlin Interview – Police Recording Leaving Orlando”

    1. MrGrevy says:

      Waiting for the obligatory sicko to say “Look at her in those pictures, she loved caylee she wouldn’t kill her!” Freaking morons. Hope no mexicans make it to the jury.

    2. MrGrevy says:

      Good GOD look at those horrible eyes. This woman is an insane monster. A thousand deaths is not enough for this sicko.

    3. KenJWC says:

      VAIN VAIN Casey probably hated Caylee too because she changed her “body”. Her CLAIME to infamy? Sad.

    4. Sharimax42 says:

      Tracy sounds like an idiot! There is nothing funny about this case. Just look at the face of Caylee and imagine that she hears all this laughter around her murder. Tracy you need to get a grip and grow up! Lee is the same way, he just laughed and laughed during the police questioning.

    5. hollybrook252 says:

      I have to wonder about this Tracey person. She passed on Cindy info her boss, Padilla had dug on Kronk and put money into Casey’s comissary account….and this was long after this interview. Her credability as a witess is not so hot now.
      Not that it matters Robert Dick ‘s account of those days with the Anhonys is damning and he’s not compromised himself like Tracy of Padilla. Ofcourse the Judge might never let it in……… so it may be academic.

    6. RainbowKitesInc says:

      @Alfrunk It just goes to show you how DESPERATE the defense is!
      Its very frustrating isn’t it?

    7. Alfrunk says:

      Amazing to see the hundreds of people searching for Caylee while the anthony crime family sat at home doing myspace searches. Utterly disgusting. Now the Duhfense wants to accuse the searchers of wrongdoing.

    8. myocean111 says:

      Alot of ppl cope with being nervous by laughing or chuckling… this case is sooo sad!!

    9. Bearpaws0 says:

      I know she did it! Its so sad because she didn’t have to many PPL would have taken the child and loved gave her a great life! Its so dam sad!

    10. chromedaffodils says:

      I think they are suspicious of Tracy, her intentions and what or why she did what she did. I think anyone in her position would have taken that job of supervising and getting a glimpse form the inside, however her attitude bothers me, I find it a bit unsettling, but I don’t know why. I also am offended at her mockery of internet sleuths and acts like she is above that and laughs at them. (On her other video) I guess she maybe is just very nervous getting interviewed? not sure…

    11. lisasdank84 says:

      thanks for giving us some insight of what was really going down straight from a reliable source inside their home.

    12. sikofpolotix says:

      i think she killed her cuz she didnt want to compete with her anymore…

    13. careyrn2000 says:

      Interesting to hear more “candid” conversations, when they aren’t “on stage” for the microphone.

    14. PhilipsSBC says:

      Now really, I wonder who taped this?

    15. sparklerocks says:

      the picture of caylee at 4.25 is so hauntingly fitting.
      it appears she is watching them search for her remains,
      very sad and not funny at all

    16. Hhaze says:

      Interesting. Thanks for posting this.

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