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    • more Focused Interview Reviews: STREET FIGHT REAL SELF DEFENSE

    28 Responses to “Focused Interview Reviews: STREET FIGHT REAL SELF DEFENSE”

    1. Caught a Charlie horse swag surfing…….

    2. you look like a million lood outstanding.

    3. Ich finde Ihren Beitrag sehr richtig. Im Prinzip ist es sehr einfach, entweder man traut sich was zu und macht es oder man geht. Herzlichen Dank für diesen Beitrag!

    4. managolu123 says:


      i’m sure it works

    5. Vegedurah says:


    6. Talbuk says:

      It does

    7. starbike200 says:

      aikido is suppost to a fluid movent using little effort with maximum effect. simular to jujitsu. steven segal is a master aikido. he is for real no joke.

    8. Enigma5hrs says:

      i wonder if this works against a 6 foot 5, 280 lbs man

    9. rafikmaher1 says:

      i agree

    10. JaymeBailey100 says:

      this movie is best in cinemas, if you cant make it to cinemas, try a hd copy at releasedmovies . org

    11. beargryllsiskl says:

      dont go on that link

    12. Hapkido2098 says:

      very good demonstration but there are also techniques from ju jitsu and judo

    13. stuntman767 says:

      nice man post up more im kickboxing almost brown blet

    14. alex95271 says:

      all i have to say is badddasssss

    15. oudbrakkenstein says:

      it like a dance !

    16. DylanAidenful says:

      cant believe that this movie is already been played on releasedmovies. org

    17. Markurn says:

      @SneakyButhole probably and most likely but also bcs this is only fake (so its set up). and trust me ppl when i say everything that is setup doestn make u a better fighter no matter how hard u practice the setup :D

    18. SneakyButhole says:

      @Markurn especially coz of the music

    19. gheutto says:

      jkiff moi aussi fait aïkido

    20. JudyCampbellable says:

      wow, loved it..awsomm..i just saw this movie for free at releasedmovies. org

    21. Markurn says:

      that was

    22. JohnyPetro says:

      awesome,u r good

    23. HOUTEXKING says:

      Cool video Man :-)

    24. skrimpshidy says:

      @Mmaukka Focus Daniel San!

    25. skrimpshidy says:

      @Mmaukka Focus Daniel San! Focus!

    26. rhettito says:

      Very nice!

    27. bulldogg1111 says:

      @zenzybar physical abilities are useless if you dont have a psychology i mean like being confident and control fear and people arent that lazy to learn something that is very useful in life but the ordinary street fighting is way better cause its simple and effective and to do most of the moves you dont need an incredible strength or speed and besides some people have financial problems

    28. zenzybar says:

      1) Pretty much, skill without power is useless.
      2)???, well knowing some basic moves will be enough to defend on the street.
      3) People are too lazy, and schools are all about money. But yeah, everyone should learn Mauy Thai lol.
      4) Perfect answer.

      You makes sense. ^_^ A+

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