STREET FIGHT real martial arts

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25 Responses to “STREET FIGHT real martial arts”

  1. topprospect67 says:

    I´ve been there when I was a kid. It´s in Novi Sad.

  2. SuperSpartan333 says:

    tvrdjava, novi sad?!?

  3. duharenfogel says:

    like this , good to learn

  4. Ariodude says:

    @StickmenwillSurvive it is?? I thought it was Krav Maga

  5. jinxxedlikeshit says:

    @BrootalJuggalo There you go then, we agree. :)

  6. Ichhaltderchamp says:

    @4391149 but this realy works…i do wing tsun now for 5 years and most of these tricks are very simple to learn

  7. simoon678 says:

    just dont mess with this guy …

  8. 4391149 says:

    the funniest move 1:48 :))

  9. belmontrd says:

    The song is ‘Nikkfurie – The A La Menthe’

  10. djpitchswitch says:

    nice zumba :)

  11. mertaniemi1 says:

    i love this song

  12. StickmenwillSurvive says:

    @Carebear1luv it’s a martial art called Aikido.

  13. Carebear1luv says:

    you should watch this video with the nickelback song “into the night” without the original music much cooler

  14. Carebear1luv says:

    incredible!!!! what martial art is he using anyway? shaolin? kung fu? jujisu? what is it cause it seems amazing.

  15. OgyFrz2 says:

    please name music :)

  16. ZIPREPLICA says:

    very nice!!!out of mind!!:)

  17. iLiiChKiMZz says:

    This is awsome! :D

  18. jokermorejoker says:

    what name is martial art??

  19. MrShizzyNizzle says:

    is this somba?

  20. bpguitarist7 says:

    Anyone know the move at 0:48 ?

  21. Arvprince says:

    it is wonderful i want to join this sport !

  22. jeffhardywii says:


    the a la menthe – ocean-s 12 soundtrack

  23. jeffhardywii says:

    the a la menthe – ocean-s 12 soundtrack

  24. MrGlavic says:

    I need to find someone to practice with…..
    As I see its….good selfdefense
    Thank you for upload!

  25. BrootalJuggalo says:

    @jinxxedlikeshit i do see it now. and like i stated before i do fancy high kicks, but.. that doesnt mean i will use them in a real situation. As i have taken tae kwon do and earned my black belt, and did 3 years amateur wrestling in high school, ive learned what works, and what doesnt. High kicks very rarely work. so i dont use them ever.

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