Specialist Tactical Police Training for Close Quarter Combat (CQB)

For more info go to www.risks-inc.com Risks Inc. on Facebook www.facebook.com Fer-de-lance Inc. www.fer-de-lance-inc.com This clip is from one of our Tactical Police Counterinsugency / counter terroism / Special Operations / SWAT Training courses in Latin America. Specialist Tactical Police Training Courses These courses are only available to government agencies Our specialist tactical police training courses are for agencies that have to deal with the threat of narco terroism, counter insurgency and para-military groups. Risks Inc.’s tactical instructors are predominantly former military personnel with operational experience in counter insurgency and low intensity warfare in both urban and rural environments. Because of our commercial operation experience, we understand how criminal groups from the emerging markets think and operate. The specialist law enforcement units that Risks Inc. works with in Latin America have all seen a noticeable improvement in their operation successes. On our specialist tactical police and counter insurgency training courses, we teach simple but unconventional para military techniques and tactics. We put an emphasis on planning, preparation and training operators to work with minimal equipment and support. Our tactical police / counter insurgency / SWAT training courses are not 9 to 5 seminars; we expect students to be available for training 24/7. Students can expect to experience sleep deprivation and stress training. All students are

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