Some self defence. with and from a Chair.

Some self defence with and from a Chair. Training and illness? just keep training! Multiple sclerosis? you still may need to beat the odds! with Systema. beat the odds! new DVD from.

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    25 Responses to “Some self defence. with and from a Chair.”

    1. SuperPlumber007 says:

      my prayers are wth you my friend…

    2. gekiryudojo says:

      they have CCSVI

    3. LouieVirosa001 says:


      I seriously injured my leg 13 years ago – I was disabled for 9 months, and had the injury happened 100 years ago, I would likely have been crippled for life (thank God for my very competent surgeon!)

      Anyhow, I complement you on continuing to train when it would be so much easier to dwell on the negative. I know that trap too well. Your defense from the chair is first rate info that anyone can benefit from. Keep on fighting the good fight, buddy!

    4. kavalier17 says:

      Great stuff, Trevor! Thanks so much for sharing, and I love your salutations: “Train well,” and “Chin up!”

    5. aikiarts says:

      Thank you for making time to post this. I’m happy to know brave men like you. Please take good care of yourself!

    6. tengusushi says:

      Great work, Trevor! Considering how much time I spend sitting around pretending to work, I can practice some of your moves and scare my co-workers. :) You’re stronger and more agile than I could be on my feet. Thank you!

    7. cmhan86 says:

      Thanks for the video Trevor! Really excellent work with the chair, and I also deeply appreciate you sharing your experiences with MS.

    8. KaizenTao says:

      Nice work Trevor!!! You’re more agile than most people (me) who don’t have MS. Thanks for taking the time to post your clips and educate us about your world. I know it’s fatiguing and we really appreciate it. We benefit greatly from your wisdom and draw from your strength and courage. We are here for you should you need anything at all! Best wishes to you and Dominic! The K-Crew

    9. gekiryudojo says:

      I’m glad I had this filmed now because I cant remember doing it! I have a gap in my life, and cant remember 4 months of it, Now I know why they call MS the life stealer, thanks for the comment I found “Chair Fu” amusing :) by the way I am just about completely recovered to where I was MS is incurable but controllable and if you saw me in the street you wouldn’t know it was there.

    10. azkeyz says:

      Possibly one of the best demonstrations of Chair Fu , I’ve ever witnessed.

    11. gekiryudojo says:

      Thanls Matt, I hope you are keeping well! Thanks fot keeping in touch.

    12. CardiganKiller says:

      hey trev, wishing you well and glad for a bit of inspiration to keep my own training up. i remember talking to you a bit about your struggle with MS so many years ago… so with that, here’s to many more years of training and enjoying!

    13. gekiryudojo says:

      thank you for your kind responce!

    14. gekiryudojo says:

      Thank you kindly

    15. darkkahm says:

      I hope this message finds you well trevor,
      I was supossed to be in a wheelchair to…
      May the Force be with you always !

    16. PATAMODELER37 says:

      I wish you a quick recovery Trevor!! And I am sure there is more knowledge to come from you to share! Just to let you know as well how much I learned in a very short of time in your responsible simple methods. Looking forward to it! Salam brother! Peace and respect.

    17. gekiryudojo says:

      dont worry mate I have had a long time, what doesent kill you makes you stronger!

    18. strikecero says:

      no, not to my hero! Go for it Trevor!

    19. gekiryudojo says:

      thanks for tha nice comment

    20. gekiryudojo says:

      thanks I hope to do so as soon as possible

    21. systemasagres says:

      Thanks for sharing.
      Hope you have a quick recovery.

    22. gekiryudojo says:

      thanksf or the comment and good fortune to you mate! it all makes us sronger!

    23. bangermccrusher says:

      you have to beat the odds as you say…thats some of the things systema teaches you, I learned that and beat the odds myself, I was supossed to be in a wheelchair by now and here I am still training and moving better than ever. Good videos keep the good work

    24. smcgregor72 says:

      i hope this message finds you well trevor,i wish you a speedy recovery and peace of mind,a true martial artist..mind…body…spirit,the body cant go anywhere the minds never been,stevie

    25. gekiryudojo says:

      Thanks mate!

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