Sit Means Sit Police Dog Training with Puma Click yellow button on the right to subscribe. Alfredo Rivera, a Sit Means Sit dog trainer and his dog Puma a three year old Belgian Malinois showcasing their control and athleticism for the Police Seminar held in Everett Washington. Interested in a Dog Training Franchise

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    25 Responses to “Sit Means Sit Police Dog Training with Puma”

    1. abbefrodo says:

      hola man esta cvre tu video lo maximo he a ver si tu tambien comentas mis videos man…….

    2. mujawooja says:

      Awesome dogs awesome training

    3. BAZHE says:


    4. HecklingGopher says:

      Love the video. That is some really amazing athleticism that Puma has. My German Shepard/Doberman mix Male is about that athletic, and it never gets old watching him play. Although he is no protection dog, or nearly as trained as Puma, he makes an otherwise great source of entertainment. Love the Belgian Shepherds too.

    5. TheHuskerton says:

      That dog is a serious badass… I can’t believe guys actually stand up to these guys and think they can get away.

    6. socialmediabullies says:

      cool video sweety

    7. ThePolypop says:

      ***** Super cool videos *****
      *We need more Super dogs

    8. BAZHE says:

      amazing; your dogs are beautiful
      i want one

    9. yourserenity says:

      Well done

    10. etothedubl says:

      Awesome landsharks, man!
      (a definite must-sub)

    11. MissGingerDog says:

      oh my goodness!!!! that jump at 0:32 was like OUT OF THIS WORLD! You are totally like Bionic dog! I luv K-9′s! Keep up the great work!

    12. spanish111japan says:

      I wish i could send my dog to you so you couldmake her like before. When i bring her to the garage at night, she keeps pushing the door and doing noise!

    13. persempr3tua says:

      Have a wonderful Sunday

    14. COAKD1 says:

      Nice video. Protect and serve.

    15. ccalidor says:

      Yes, this job is to make your perfect dog!

    16. 222tedy says:

      you have nice video but try to take a look Borca another dog 7 months. This is another soup :-)) Search ANRY malinois for sale.

    17. leMeow1 says:

      You are doing great job training these dogs. I like to watch how they attck “bad guys” :)
      Great video!

    18. IMEricBonnici says:

      Hi Alfred, first your video is top notch and very inspiring. Second, thanks for the friend request. Very smart dog in the video, I enjoyed watching!!! Talk soon.

    19. greedodillard says:

      man that waz crazy editing man, i wish i had that kind of software :( that dog looked like it waz just having to much fun

    20. TheAlohaRobert says:


    21. reachforthestars777 says:


    22. tanah0400 says:

      ~Nice video~

      (C) 2010 tanah0400 Productions

    23. PhilipQsongwriter1 says:

      Excellent video, very well edited and terrific soundtrack! The subject matter is compelling and the photography is very good.

    24. ideagirlconsulting says:

      cool music, love it. thanks 4 sending.. posted on the idea girl says wp

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