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15 Responses to “Simple Self Defense”

  1. abrahamcaleb says:

    @jlaura26 y un maestro que su seiza sea perfecto pero no sirva como persona, es digno de respeto?

  2. MegaMasteradrian says:

    Yeah man thanks

  3. sandipmanku1973 says:

    Love your instruction and presentation skills!! Any chance of showing some solo drills and stretches at home?

  4. fcmstreetfight11 says:

    I really like what your doing and how you present it …great job gentlemen

  5. patrickwise06 says:

    those wrist locks are painfull i did aikido for a while

  6. cruisindworld says:

    Thanks for sharing something basic, simple and efficent. Great editing to comprehend each step. Five stars. Ohh and this is my first rating ever. Keep it up.

  7. shahruledree says:

    thanks for this video

  8. Bob06460 says:

    I appreciate that the same technique is shown repeatedly, slowly, different viewpoints, and without talking.

  9. shinjukool says:

    first it’s Aikido
    then “standing up in base” BJJ
    then judo newaza – whether one learns it via a BJJ or judo dojo.
    from “do osae” or “the guard” he does various techniques

  10. dimitriskarts says:

    Excellent technics,excellent explanation,excellent video(quality)and excellent music.Five stars from me.Thanks for the upload.

  11. Javaloach says:

    bow chicka bow wow

  12. jlaura26 says:

    No se si sera bueno.. pero su SEIZA es una falta de respeto.. no tiene la formalidad, por el sempai se refleja el sensei..

  13. kosenjudo says:

    Roy Dean is awesome!

  14. shaw0032 says:


  15. XKreoX says:

    Very Nice

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