Self-Defense: Time Lag in Combat

Combatives expert Kelly McCann is a military and security analyst who was a US Marine special-missions officer responsible for counterterrorism and counter-narcotics. For more self-defense videos and articles, go to

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    25 Responses to “Self-Defense: Time Lag in Combat”

    1. ASSBANG6969 says:

      Avoiding ANY physical confrontation is the best route, but when a Fight cannot be avoided….then go for the KILL…this Dude is a BadAss….

    2. TripAClaymore says:

      I am reading one of Kelly’s books right now and it breaks SD down so well you feel like he is talking right in your ear, empowering you to take the initiative in defending yourself and obtaining “moral authority to rip his head off”.

    3. wiznuaji says:


    4. BMIChris74 says:

      The last part was the best. He talked about avoidance and seeking a way out of a confrontation.

    5. rneoman says:

      @bikerbum81 i work doors since 1999 and what he says is true, i don’t get much hassle but when i do all the training in ju jitsu where the guy give you his hand is out the window, you quick and simple results this the right stuff

    6. Sharkman3472 says:

      Kelly McCann has some great material! A lot of the things he advocates I was talking about in my martial arts class, and my instructor just wouldn’t listen to me. They are so defensive of their style/art in the traditional circles when you try to give them some different perspective.

    7. tywainwright1 says:

      wow,i thought i was badass because i was doin the thing he told me not to do,but i see this and im like wow

    8. GBoCookies says:

      So civil, yet so brutal. :D

    9. 101tenkan says:

      Thankyou for posting a very good clip very well explained.kind regards……..

    10. bikerbum81 says:

      “I have the moral authority to rip his head off” haha what a badass

    11. ellul613 says:

      Very valid comments, this guy has clearly been there!

    12. piggypoo says:

      he makes professional fighters look like slugs. legit.

    13. nuttybollockz says:


      my thoughts exactly LOL!

    14. siguenza69 says:

      this man is the best

    15. 5764830 says:

      The best in self defense I saw so far

    16. Jehu30 says:

      Just love McCann’s stuff, you really can learn it from the dvd with some buddies in the backyard. Certainly it is enhanced by physical attributes and experience in combat sports – and this should not be underestimated. But like Kelly says “for real combat – Less is More”.

    17. jesdanrich says:

      Jiu Jitsu= most efficient defense against one unarmed opponent of any size. Obviously it is going to have serious limitations eg. 5 guys jump you, you grab one and choke him out or break his arm……oh ya and your dead because the 4 other guys just killed you.

      People you must learn to strike and react well to aggression. Or you have no hope of defending yourself effectively. Just my opinion.

    18. mannnymanny says:

      jujitsu might not inflict too much pain(which i belive it does) but i imoblizes the opponent which is really what is nessecary…..along with a follow up of attack. i think if you put diff techniques together it is very affective.

    19. carbonlaminate says:

      Yeah, he gave himself away with the “learn wing chun or xingyi” comment.

    20. kidvaletudo says:

      I have great respect for grappling/jujitsu but i think jujitsu (especially if you’re coming from bjj) is more designed for efficient defense with minimal damage. I do judo and I know a properly applied blood choke (strangle) doesn’t even feel painful. But for serious business and absolute survival I tend to give value to techniques like this because they are quick, they disable effectively, and allow the defender to stay on the balls of his feet.

    21. kidvaletudo says:

      hahaha. Is this martial arts nerd version of trolling?

    22. upyoumortypants says:

      quick point: in jujitsu you don’t grab the hand that grabs you, you slide down the arm IN CASE YOUR ATTACKER PULLS HIS HAND BACK, you also turn raise your arm in such a way as to PROTECT YOUR FACE AGAINST THE OTHER HAND… by the time the attacker realises he can’t hit your face and throws one at your ribs, you already have control and have moved out of the firing line. At intermediate to higher levels you train to control the wrist/arm as soon as you see it (ie. before it even touches you).

    23. asiguere says:

      so that’s what chuck norris dad looks like…

    24. cGeer15 says:

      Best quote ever.

    25. bthomas11986 says:


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