Self Defense Techniques : Self defense video: rear hold

Learn self defense techniques for removing yourself from a rear hold. Expert: Jason Hall Bio: Jason Hall is a professional martial arts instructor who teaches martial arts, tai chi, and self defense classes for men, women and children.

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    24 Responses to “Self Defense Techniques : Self defense video: rear hold”

    1. MrMZaccone says:

      @wannabe922 OK, you have me curious, how would you get out, easy and faster.

    2. MrMZaccone says:

      @birdfly43 If someone is putting a serious full nelson on you NONE of that is going to work. You’ll just cry like a bitch until he lets go or you pass out. After he lets go you need to pray he hasn’t put you in a neck brace. There’s a damned good reason this is illegal in wrestling. It can fuck you up and the guy in this video is clueless. What you need to do is “bull” your neck, S-grip your hands and place them on your forehead for counter pressure until you can break the grip.

    3. MrMZaccone says:

      @GJJalltheway A good full nelson can cut off your air for sure. I’ve never sen one cut off blood but then by that point there’s probably a serious soft tissue injury already inflicted.

    4. MrMZaccone says:

      Ridiculous! Notice how difficult a time he has hitting a head that close with his elbow even when it’s just a demo. Plus I’ve still got a half nelson and you think you’re going to turn around INTO IT??? Don’t make me laugh. Plus, you’d need a miracle to get one hand off to begin with before the pressure suffocates you or injures your neck to the point of hospitalization. There’s only one way to counter a full nelson initially and this … isn’t it.

    5. IAmBronzeMagic5 says:

      @maniak05 it differs between PROPER english and the American shit that you guys speak

    6. GJJalltheway says:

      im pretty sure a full nelson doesnt cut off the blood. its just a neck crank, not a blood choke.

    7. 80KungFu says:

      Good shit, he makes a good point!

    8. MrKisameHoshigaki says:

      Thanks man for the vid

    9. Osaka13 says:

      It can be spelled both ways.

    10. birdfly43 says:

      you can also semi hip tose them just like a normal hip tose also can back/donkey kick them in the nuts that works my friends all in to that werestleing bull shit the main thing just keep claim

    11. maniak05 says:

      Fair enough.

    12. xerosheros says:

      I didnt make this comment, my friend did, and of course its spelled with a s.

    13. maniak05 says:

      xerosheros…you’re an idiot.

      its not deFENCE. its Defense.

    14. wannabe922 says:

      well truthfully if you could actually get into this position in a real fight then your a dumbass but two there is another easy way to get out of that and its faster..

    15. xerosheros says:

      expert village…’s spelled Defence…..with a c not s

    16. AmericanEliteAirsoft says:

      Thanks for your tips. They help me grow alot. I appriciate it!

    17. kanda444 says:

      if somebody comes up behind you and puts you in a headlock and you panic, that’s your own fault. with practice, you can control your reaction to the amount of adreneline released by your body. with practice, this technique is easy and very effective, even in stressful situations. but if you panic when somebody grabs you from behind, don’t expect to be able to defend yourself in any situation.

    18. kanda444 says:

      this is Self Defense Techniques & Moves for Beginners not Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 101, but i’d love to see you apply an anaconda vise is a street fight. these videos are made for people who know nothing about fighting and don’t plan to have an MMA bout in the near future.

    19. kanda444 says:

      i’d prefer you get killed rather than do this too….look i agreed with you on something. lol.,

    20. treat91 says:

      this guy is useless , i prefer to get kill rather than doin this bullshiittt

    21. spidergaurdmaster says:

      i am sorry this is sorry ass first of all by the time it takes your brain to process wats going on he will have more control than you can handle second when your adreneline is pumping more then is does during sex you panick

    22. XURSMOKEDX says:

      oh yeah ? if someone got you in an anaconda vise! what would you do!!

    23. JKsnyderLP says:

      thats a full nelson O.o

    24. SolemAris says:

      Great ,Useful and Free
      Thanks a lot

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