Self Defense Techniques of Justified Lethal Force – Part 1

Self defense techniques: Insider look at live self defense training for Federal agents at US Government law enforcement training center at an undisclosed locationo. Shows use of justified lethal force using controversial Target-Focus Training fighting system that emphasizes seriously injuring an attacker. See longer version at Google video … Tim Larkin Target-Focus Training self defense

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10 Responses to “Self Defense Techniques of Justified Lethal Force – Part 1”

  1. fighterkieran says:

    This video communicates the difference between a sports fight and a street fight really well. It also demonstrates the use of bodyweight clearly. Really good vid. I bookmarked it.

  2. fornello123 says:

    yeah I want to attend a toronto training…if there is one

  3. smrtassmthrfuker says:

    i went to there web site and the stuff that i read made it sound like you just look at them and theyll drop dead after they teach you

  4. dinosaursrawwwwr says:


  5. cunterkooter says:

    come to syracuse, new york

  6. silviocostin says:

    Very nice and usefull explanations!!!Thank you!!!

  7. 2FISTS4YERFACE says:

    This doctrine has made more sense than anything relating to defensive tactics that i have heard on you tube

  8. HimmiJoe says:

    I’d seriously like to learn this art, it’s very practical and seems to work as self defense in a street attack.

  9. dmosier says:

    Hey Tim when are you coming to Canada?

  10. yadeyrinii says:

    Brock Sampson!

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