Self Defense Tape From 1992

Ray Amsley’s Self Defense Tape From 1992. Ray’s Friend – Paul Cummings. Facebook

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    25 Responses to “Self Defense Tape From 1992”

    1. Phoenix4184 says:

      so thats how he lost his leg XD

    2. bvodo379 says:

      oh snap i went to one of the karate schools on his gi or shirt its called red dragon karate

    3. jaxter8 says:

      hey ray still has both feet … never mind

    4. jaxter8 says:

      hey ray still has both feet

    5. RyukendenY says:

      79.99 is real low cheap.

    6. troggy says:

      been killed before?

    7. Didit4daLULZ says:

      I need to know what’s the first song. It’s epic as fuck.

    8. SofaKingWeTodEd666 says:

      @mrbassman25 Ray Amsley would win easily!

    9. OMGMrTea says:

      lol, ONLY 80$!! Haha

    10. TehPipu says:

      where is the music from?

    11. thebadroo says:

      Wheres your wooden leg?

    12. oriondamage147 says:

      Learn the ability of agility, that is so queer! So say somethin tight! Haha best line ever!

    13. eobo1 says:

      wanna know how to protect ur own demise? i wood LMAO ;D

    14. MshadowsenseoC says:

      I need to have this tape, i have been killed before, twice even. And saws man, you cant walk down the street without being attacked by a man with a chainsaw nowadays. Sensei Ray, you the man!!!

    15. mrbassman25 says:

      ultimate fight…..

      Chuck Norris vs Ray Amsley … place bet’s now !!!!! pmsl

    16. kerranghighvoltage says:

      LMAO @ 0:45

    17. Dimitry49 says:


    18. TheLuigiMarioFan says:

      wait wait wait… you expect me to buy a film that is basicly bloopers even though there is a video that…never mind that doesnt matter but you want me to buy a 2 minute film that is basicly bloopers for $80? sure!

    19. Faka85 says:

      SUSCRIBE PPL!!! RAY new channel~

    20. dakingofblingg says:

      lol… “i wood”

    21. 44cinni says:

      Why Is this guy not famous?

    22. Shinzo666 says:

      “Kung fus are snooze. Karates are parties.” Best line ever! =D

    23. goarmy73 says:

      @RichoRosai ino rite

    24. nathanjbarnatt says:

      @chriscooke109 Nope it was actually my leg. We did a little trick

    25. RichoRosai says:

      @goarmy73 It’s almost as hard as spelling “effect”.

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