Self Defense Safety tips for women Self Defense for beginners. Grace is a College student and not a mean bone in her body. She wanted to know what to do in case of attack. Here are a few simple moves and suggestions to fight off an attacker, scare them startle them and give yourself a chance to get away. Saving Grace

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    8 Responses to “Self Defense Safety tips for women”

    1. goldschle says:

      just say yes!

    2. Sandra07H says:

      Using just one elbow while twisting your body will give you a lot more force.

    3. pickachu407 says:

      damn thats funny – if i were to attack you just the NO!!! would make me fall down from laughter

    4. pickachu407 says:

      @MegaVeronica101 really, cuz this guy looks like he has no balls anyway(NO OFFENCE) so it wont hurt anyway

    5. MegaVeronica101 says:

      yep, cuz your attackers always going to be a little twig, would these work with a humongous guy?!

    6. princessjasna says:

      liked this move<3

    7. intelligenceisnot says:

      Thank You!

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