Self Defense Fitness Video

Practice how to throw a punch to defend yourself with this Rihanna inspired self defense kickboxing exercise video! Martial arts are a great form of exercise to get our your aggression and break a sweat. Learn how to protect yourself from the Chris Brown’s in the world!

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25 Responses to “Self Defense Fitness Video”

  1. roxanneMelfina says:

    I would appreciate it if you joined my kickboxing contest! :)

  2. TheLostDrifterVan says:

    this is not going to help any women from an attacker and using chris and rihanna is pointless it happed its over get over it i give this vid a 3

  3. ChevroletFan says:


  4. FetaSake says:

    she IS a girl

  5. damlurker says:

    lol.. girly punches were girly…
    lol j/k

  6. peachymissony says:

    These are some elements of my daily Tae Bo cardio workout routine. It’s so much fun to do and it keeps me very motivated. I would totally recommend to try it. I love it. =)

  7. rismdv says:

    Nice, once again you have given us a Lot!

  8. TanyaMarie1823 says:

    awesome vid as per usual guys :)

  9. hanoonamatata says:

    you should do more of these vidoes, love them,i think self defense is very good to know

  10. breakmeedown says:

    awesome video. :)

  11. newjohnwu3000 says:

    yeah not much of a defense
    plus there are a few moves to knock them out

  12. LilySue02 says:

    Loved the work out!

  13. bluaeon says:

    this is a great workout. ive been doing this and it helps on your abs too. have a lower stance to give it more umph to your workout. oh and dont forget to stretch before doing this.

  14. onetreehill1569 says:

    This was an awesome workout!

  15. annvma says:

    How long should I do my cardio to effectively lose weight and how intense should it be? If I choose running as my cardio workout, should I run for an hour to lose weight or is 30 minutes enough?

  16. SuDaNiYaH says:

    lol dis video is an insult to chris bron hahahahaha

  17. esserider says:

    i want to try this

  18. juujuuandtangguo says:

    c000l !

  19. davidthedfactor says:

    i wanted to show this to my girlfriend, but after watching it i think it would be a good workout for me 2 lol

  20. mj339 says:

    she would kick chris brown’s stupid ass

  21. dannye60 says:

    7 hours and my comment is still on top.

  22. dannye60 says:

    “mama said, knock you out!” (it’s a song)

  23. artfanatic88 says:

    Great workout!!

  24. britneysman1311 says:

    Wonder if Rihanna will run into this?

  25. BloodyRune says:


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