Self Defense Against Murder

Ray teaches you self defense against cars. I really got hit by the car. No special effects what so ever don’t even think about not believing how tough I am get out of my face!

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    25 Responses to “Self Defense Against Murder”

    1. DolleLovez says:

      @Narwhals52 no

    2. Narwhals52 says:

      @RayAmsley did you really lose your leg?

    3. nonamre says:

      Hey man, why are you not one of those big ol’ movie stars up them hills you know?

    4. xXlMusashilXx says:

      whats the song at the end?

    5. dustyboyminkey says:

      They should make Ray Amsley a street fighter character. This would be the best ultimate ever.

    6. straightMKchamp says:

      Now, I’m pretty sure that you are made of a hard rock or mineral, considering how you just take on these stunts and look like you just shrug them off. My question is what are you made of? I’m assuming you’re made of diamond, you look like a million bucks and nothing really seems to break you.

    7. TheTrueKir says:

      @RayAmsley wtf happened to your leg

    8. TheLuigiMarioFan says:

      wait….you are murdering murder. that means YOU ARE murdering! soooo, what happens then?

    9. causeis3002 says:

      Holy shit dude, u are fearless.

    10. MetalSlugzMaster says:

      LOL Ray suddenly gets bootylicious @ 0:47

    11. nathanjbarnatt says:

      @JumpOffTheBigDonut I was. I only do stunts for real. I aint scared of scared!

    12. Vanamutt says:

      @MultiRandomable A hint on how he did the peg leg – look at his ass 0:48

    13. HoboBob24 says:

      More like: IN-DEE-STRUCT-ABULL!

    14. 33peekaboo says:

      the stunts performed in this video are not computers. They’re real life. Done by a real life guy who can do them without even thinking about it whatever who cares im not bragging its just not a big deal shut up…

    15. WilkFreeman says:

      Shit, only 2 steps. This is the easiest guide for anything ever.

    16. swishpronoob says:

      Have you ever put nails at the end of your wooden leg?

    17. Timwit94 says:

      @KanesTheName95 What’s your problem? Do I know you?

    18. KanesTheName95 says:

      @Timwit94 FUCK YOU

    19. Timwit94 says:

      The best part is your reaction to the car coming towards you while you were cool hanging.

    20. MrSchnieke says:

      @RayAmsley So you don’t get injuries? Let me guess… When the saw cut you leg off it made you become a super hero who is Invinceble. Thats the only logicly correct way I could imagine.

    21. MultiRandomable says:

      how do u do the peg leg effect?

    22. gamerfranz says:

      well you hunt down the 7 people who clicked the dislike button?

    23. mtran66 says:

      these stunts were totally computers

    24. Mashmakhano says:

      I dont know if you realized this but self defence against murder abrebated is SDAM, probably some kind of special dam very good at keeping water out of where people live.

    25. sims2player99124 says:

      @RayAmsley your talk is fancy because it’s covered in the truth

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